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Trump fans should be on cloud nine at the moment. Their guy is not just leading the GOP primary; he’s dominating it, leaving all his rivals eating his dust. And that’s not all—he’s also taking the seven swing states by storm, easily beating Joe in each one.

Nikki Haley is lagging almost 30 points behind President Trump in South Carolina, her own turf, where she’s not all that popular. Her plunge in popularity can be chalked up to her penchant for stabbing her friends and allies in the back. Nikki might spin it that South Carolina Republicans aren’t fans because she’s a woman facing off against the “good ol’ boys” club, driven by jealousy. But the real story digs into something much deeper and more “globalist” than identity politics.

US politics is a whirlwind right now. Richard Baris, a top-tier pollster, believes that Trump supporters have every reason to be over the moon. The Biden regime’s attempt to destroy President Trump with their sham trials and political attacks is falling flat and failing at nearly every turn.

Richard’s hit the nail on the head. Trump’s foes can’t make any accusation stick. First off, we’re hearing Big Fani might be in hot water over her fling with a married man she not only hired but also showered with an obscene amount of cash before treating herself to swanky vacations and other high-end perks on the taxpayer’s dime. And now, Jack Smith’s day just got worse. One of his key cases has been yanked from the court schedule, with no return date in sight.

However good this news is, nobody can afford to get too comfortable—there’s a tough fight ahead. But as things stand, President Trump is surfing a massive wave of American support. The good folks across the nation haven’t forgotten what he’s done for them, especially as they’re currently dealing with the Biden regime’s nightmares. The contrast between the two men couldn’t be starker.