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Many conservatives are calling for the immediate resignation of Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, and for very good reason. Aside from him being a Mitch McConnell stooge, back in 2010, Mr. Lankford gave a deposition in a lawsuit case against a Baptist Church camp that he oversaw, where he said that a 13-year-old child can consent to sex.


Before he became a leading voice for conservative causes on Capitol Hill, U.S. Senator James Lankford spent more than a decade as the director of youth programming at the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center, a sprawling campground about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City that attracts more than 50,000 campers in grades six through 12 each year.

The Republican lawmaker’s tenure at the camp is a prominent feature of his political profile, noted in the first paragraph of his official Senate biography. That experience is also coming under renewed scrutiny as the Southern Baptist Convention, which is affiliated with the group that owns the camp, faces a reckoning over its handling of sexual abuse cases.

In 2009, while Lankford worked at the camp, the family of a 13-year-old girl sued a 15-year-old boy who was alleged to have had sex with her at the camp. Lankford, who was not in Congress at the time, is not alleged to have had any direct knowledge of the alleged assault, has not been accused of any wrongdoing and was not a defendant in the lawsuit, which was settled for an undisclosed amount before it was scheduled to go to trial.

But in a 2010 deposition in the case, given a week after he was elected to his first term in the U.S. House, Lankford testified that he believed a 13-year-old could consent to sex.

“Yes, I think they can,” Lankford told Kenyatta Bethea, a lawyer for the girl’s family, according a 155-page transcript of the deposition obtained by The Associated Press.

The age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, and although there is an exception in the law for minors between the ages of 14 and 17 who have sexual contact, there is no provision under which a 13-year-old could consent to sex. When Bethea pressed if his answer was still the same “if I ask you that question in terms of your position as a father,” Lankford maintained his stance.

“Yes, they can,” he said.

Of course, when it comes to his own daughters, this smug elitist doesn’t feel the same way. He only thinks this twisted way about other people’s daughters. The AP story goes on:

Under additional questioning about whether he would allow his two daughters to consent to sex at the age of 13, Lankford gave a more expansive answer.

“No, I would not encourage that at all,” he said. “Could she make that choice? I hope she would not, but I would not encourage that in any way with my own daughter.”

Laura Loomer hit the nail on the head with the million-dollar question: What do the Dems know about this guy that we don’t? It’s unsettling to consider. Judging from what’s been unearthed in a 2010 deposition, it seems Senator Lankford might have been all too familiar with a certain notorious airplane, making regular jaunts to an infamous island. You get the drift.

In addition, this RINO is one of the “architects” of that disastrous border bill that President Trump took out back and shot dead.

Here’s what President Trump had to say about the bill on Truth Social:

However, the turncoats over at Fox News were quick to jump in and help the uni-party regime push this nightmare bill through:

This is what Fox News and Senator Lankford want for America—a bill that is so bad, it’s actually shocking that any so-called “Republican” would support it.

Charlie Kirk:

The new border “deal” is so disastrous that even when in an “emergency,” the Border Patrol is supposed to “process” (read: let in) a minimum of 1,400 people per day – more than 500,000 per year. It is flabbergasting a single Republican could ever consider this acceptable.

1,400 per day should be the floor for DEPORTATIONS under any remotely viable deal, not illegal entries.

Pollster Richard Baris put it best when he said that you’d never catch Dems harboring a turncoat like this Lankford RINO. Unfortunately for us, the GOP seems to have a surplus of these good-for-nothing traitors; it’s part of their “brand.”

What it all boils down to is that Senator Lankford expects Americans to shut up and take their medicine, even if it kills them in the long run.

Fox News:

The lead GOP negotiator for the Senate border security bill, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., responded to widespread criticism of the bipartisan legislation as some warn it could be “dead on arrival” if it reaches the House.

House Speaker Mike Johnson and Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., alongside other prominent GOP critics, have voiced their opposition to the $118 billion spending package, claiming it doesn’t go far enough to curb illegal immigration.

But Lankford urged critics to read the bill, arguing it will create a “faster and stronger system” of deportation and will “flip the script” on Biden’s immigration policy.

“Are we, as Republicans, going to have press conferences and complain the border is bad and then intentionally leave it open after the worst month in American history in December?” Lankford questioned during “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “Now we’ve got to actually determine, are we going to just complain about things or are we going to actually address and change as many things as we can?”

Senator Lankford’s approach screams “America Last.” He’s clearly in the pocket of the uni-party regime, pushing taxpayers to cough up more of their hard-earned dollars for Ukraine without any accountability for where that money actually goes. Plus, he’s all too happy to let the Biden regime off the hook, paving the way for them to craft their new “legal” voter base with this little hidden gem:

Here’s a closeup of the image:

That bill has zero benefits for the American public, which totally explains why Nikki Haley would be all for it. That alone speaks volumes about her cozy establishment connections and true globalist agenda.

The bottom line is that we don’t need any more of these RINOs, especially ones that promote “America Last” policies and child abuse. What he said about 13-year-olds sounds to many like a man who is trying to validate his own disgusting behavior or ghoulish thoughts. Either way, today’s Republican Party has no place for someone with such low morals and such low expectations for hard-working Americans. With our country and kids already in the crosshairs of the left, who exploit sexuality and perversion to confuse and control them, Senator Lankford’s alignment with that despicable movement and the regime’s America Last agenda is a glaring red flag that should disqualify him from holding his Senate seat.