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By now, you might have heard the horrific news: a mother and daughter were tragically killed in a crosswalk, leaving a Drake concert in St. Louis. They were hit by a Jeep speeding at about 70 mph as they were exiting the venue. The driver, identified as Monte Henderson, has shockingly been released on bond. This has sparked a flood of questions about the judge who decided to let this alleged perpetrator walk free on just a $20,000 bond. The revelations about this judge are likely to stir up anger and calls for her immediate removal from the bench. The whole situation is deeply troubling. Out of respect for both you and the victims’ families, we’ll spare you the unedited version of this gruesome death scene. It’s just too graphic.

Unlimited L’s:

Mother and Daughter KILLED After Leaving Drake Concert in St. Louis – OUT ON BOND TWO DAYS LATER

Mother and daughter, Laticha Bracero and Alyssa Cordova from Chicago were killed shortly after leaving a Drake concert in St. Louis

The driver, Monte Henderson, was running red lights, sideswiped another vehicle, hit the pedestrians in a crosswalk, and T-boned another vehicle

According to court documents data showed the Jeep was going over 70 mph

He is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action

Henderson was released on bond set at $200,000, with the judge allowing him to post 10% of that amount in cash

The truth of the matter is that she represents the typical left-leaning “activist judge,” who prioritized the Soros-backed “soft on crime” agenda over common-sense law enforcement and the safety of citizens from dangerous lunatics.

Collin Rugg:

REPORT: The judge who released the Missouri man out on a $20k bond who killed a mother & her daughter, is linked to Soros.


Judge Annette Llewellyn shockingly decided to let Monte Henderson walk free after he plowed through a woman & her daughter traveling at a whopping 70mph.

Llewellyn was handpicked by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner who was forced to resign for her leniency on crime.

Soros pumped tons of money into Gardner’s campaign including a $116,000 payment for her 2020 campaign.

This woman has all the hallmarks of an “activist judge.”

Daily Mail:

A Missouri judge who freed a man accused of killing a mother and daughter in a horror speeding accident has been slammed for what her critics claim is a soft touch on criminals.

Judge Annette Llewellyn controversially overlooked warnings from officers that driver Monte Henderson, 22, was a ‘danger to the community’ as she allowed him to walk free on a $20,000 bond this month.

She did so despite horrific footage alleged to show him plowing into a mom and daughter at 70mph after running a red light, killing both instantly.

As we mentioned earlier, this judge has links to Soros and a reputation for being soft on crime. The Daily Mail piece goes on:

A former public defender, Llewellyn was one of the first hires of ousted Democrat St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who’s lenient stances on violent criminals led her to resign from office in May 2023.

Since leaving Soros-backed Gardner’s office and taking the bench in 2018, Llewellyn has angered some critics by taking a similarly lax stance to her old boss – with Henderson’s bail only the latest.

She previously faced backlash in her first year on the bench after sentencing a woman to only two years’ probation, despite one of her daughters fatally shooting their sibling when she left a loaded gun out and passed out on drugs, reported STL Today.

Needless to say, the victim’s family is devastated by this judge’s move. The Daily Mail piece continues:

With Henderson freed on bail, social media was outraged as shocking surveillance footage was released this week capturing the moment mother and daughter Laticha Bracero, 42, Alyssa Cordova, 21, were struck.

Henderson, who admitted to being the driver according to charging documents, was seen running a blatant red light at a high speed before plowing into and killing the mother and daughter.

Two other teen girls and a 61-year-old woman were also injured in the crash, which saw Henderson collide with several other vehicles as he blew through the lights.

Police say he was speeding at over 70mph when he allegedly caused the tragedy.

However, Llewellyn overlooked a probable cause statement arguing he is a ‘danger to the community’ and is ‘not likely to appear voluntarily to a summons’, and allowed him to be freed on a $20,000 bail, according to STL Today.

Leading the backlash was Bracero and Cordova’s family, who told 5 On Your Side after the bail that they are ‘at a loss how a man can take two lives and be out on bond two days later able to sit at home with his family.’

‘We have many questions and demand answers,’ they said. ‘My family demands accountability from everyone… the driver, the police department, the states attorneys office.’

It’s hard not to look at this glaring disregard for the law and wonder if we’re also seeing the effects of more “DEI” hiring—yet another tragic entry into the chronicles of DMV America. Rather than appointing a competent and professional judge, it seems they’ve chosen a “radical activist” puppet who appears to be completely out of her depth and laser-focused on allowing black criminals a free and easy ride.

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