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If you’ve somehow missed the memo this past year, Disney’s been on a bit of a losing streak at the box office. With seven out of its last eight major releases tanking financially, calling Disney a “disaster” feels like an understatement. The saying “get woke, go broke” is hitting a little too close to home for Disney at the moment.

Fox Business:

“Whenever a studio sees revenue numbers that miss, they’re forced to reexamine everything and look at the data and then ultimately make corrections,” Hollywood PR crisis management guru Eric Schiffer told Fox News Digital. “They’re not in the business of politics… I think they chose to be, to some degree, because they thought it was also a moneymaker. And in certain ways, there are cases in which it can be. But it also can backfire and bash them in the teeth. And you’re seeing that with a swath of conservatives.”

For several months, Disney drew ire from conservatives on various fronts from being a vocal opponent of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over the state’s Parental Rights in Education law that forbids schools from teaching young children about sexual orientation and gender identity, the racial and gender ideology being incorporated in its content, to its theme parks stripping gendered language like greetings to “boys and girls” in the name of inclusivity.

Schiffer argued the “bad execution” of Disney’s most recent films was a factor in the dismal box office results but added that questions about Disney’s “foray into politics” and what critics perceive as “woke content orientation” potentially alienating conservatives are legitimate.

“For instance, you’re seeing the parks are significantly down. And there’s no question that there’s an impact from conservatives in that respect,” Schiffer told Fox News Digital. “We saw this with the NFL when a few years back, there was a kind of standoff over the concept of the flag and standing for the flag. And conservatives were alienated and they voted through turning off the TV set and not showing up games… [The] one thing Disney doesn’t want to do is to get labeled in any direction, left or right, politically. And that’s a concern for any brand that wants to serve a wide audience.”

He later added, “I believe that Disney has created a war in the minds of some conservatives who have turned off to the brand because they view Disney as propagating a belief system or standing for a belief system that they don’t agree with. Is it all conservatives? No. But is there a certain portion of conservatives who are being affected by this? Absolutely.”

But does this stark analysis mean Disney is about to change gears and focus on thrilling audiences rather than schooling them? Of course not. Disney is actually doubling down on the wokeness, sticking to its guns with the “DEI hiring strategy” that prioritizes skin color, gender identity, and sexual orientation over actual talent or expertise. It’s like the US has swapped the pursuit of excellence for a culture of “charity,” and Disney’s leading the charge. Seven box office duds aren’t enough; Disney is eyeing an eighth. And with its latest twist on “Pirates of the Caribbean,” brace yourself for some legendary disappointment. They’re going to swap out iconic Johnny Depp and his beloved Captain Jack Sparrow character for a new lead named “Anne,” played by some black chick. Oh, and that sound you hear is probably the box office numbers taking a wild nosedive.

Here’s what the popular X account that goes by “Unlimited L’s” had to say:

🚨Disney Considers Ayo Edebiri as Replacement for Johnny Depp in “Pirates 6”

Disney is reportedly considering Ayo Edebiri for the leading role in “Pirates 6,” a film that would feature a younger cast of pirates in search of hidden treasure

The character she is being considered for is named Anne and It’s possible this character could be based on real-life pirate, Anne Bonny, who was an Irishwoman

So, why is all of this happening, and why won’t corporations like Disney make the necessary corrections to get back on track? Well, a lot of it could be direction and rules from the WEF and also from the radically woke state of California. Notice how they get “extra credit” for diversity? It’s a system that is set up a lot like the carbon credits when you think about it: Feel guilty for making a movie with too many white people? No worries, you can make up for it in your next movie: add 6 trannies and 12 black actors, and you’ll be back on track!

Here’s a closeup of the image:


The same type of “credit-based” program applies in New York City and probably slews of other major cities all overAmerica, and beyond. We’re drowning in a sea of mediocrity where originality and creativity—the very essence of what makes something truly unique and organic—have been extinguished. In their place, we have this mechanical, obligatory form of “charity” where everyone is expected to applaud like trained seals over how wonderful and fantastic something or someone is, simply because of their “diversity.”

Honestly, we think Elon Musk summed it up best when he posted these two words on his X platform:

Disney and these other champions of wokeness/DEI deserve to walk the plank for the monotonous and predictable trash they’re shoving down our collective throats.