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Just in case you missed it, it looks like the Democrats are in the process of removing Joe Biden from the 2024 election stage.

Honestly, is anyone really shocked? Given the latest disastrous polls and how Biden’s support is vanishing faster than one of his ice cream cones in the sun. And then there’s the impossible-to-ignore fact that Joe’s dementia is getting worse every day. It was always a long shot that the Dems would ride into 2024 with a horse that has four broken legs, especially up against a revitalized President Trump, who, despite every legal sham thrown his way, is the most powerful man in politics.

Dems probably hoped Biden would gracefully bow out, appealing to his better side, but rather, he’s likely dug his heels in; after all, Joe has a very high opinion of himself.

Yes, he’s “historic” alright.

Joe’s never been one to shy away from the spotlight, despite not having a standout record to brag about. Sure, he’s not been known for his brilliance or widespread respect, but he’s carved out a significant niche for himself in the political swamp over the years.

Back in the day, Biden didn’t even know how to spell “Afghanistan,” as we can see from the illegal files he stored in his messy and unsecured garage.

Now, with decades under his belt, Biden’s probably not so willing to give up his spot. Can you blame him? He’s milked the US government for all its worth over the years, and he’s not ready to give up that gig. But Democrats can’t win with him; the writing is on every wall at this point.

Things have taken such a ghastly turn for the left that even Michael Rapaport, a notorious and rabid Trump-hater, is issuing apologies to Trump and declaring he’s done with the Democrats.

This is the cover of the New York Post:

Most people, even President Trump, figured Joe would be long gone before election season really got underway.


Former President Donald Trump, front-runner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, has predicted that President Joe Biden won’t “make it to the gate” in the general election.

No sitting president in modern U.S. history has lost their party’s nomination in the primaries, so many believe Biden will be the Democratic nominee in 2024.

However, Trump said he “can’t believe he’s going to be the nominee” in an interview with far-right news outlet Breitbart on Thursday.

Trump took a jab at his political rival, calling Biden a “cheater” and a “scoundrel.”

The Dems were looking for the perfect moment to cut loose the anchor that’s been sinking them deeper into the swamp, and they finally found it with the special counsel’s report on Biden’s “classified documents” case. The findings laid out were so damning, it’s hard not to suspect a Democrat setup. The report shows that Biden, who was not authorized to have “classified documents,” stored them in his garage and even shared them with his ghostwriter. The report also outlined how Joe is so forgetful and out of it that he won’t be charged, simply because he’s not “fit” to stand trial. This is what the Dems have been waiting for—the perfect “out” for confused Grandpa Joe.

After all, if they truly wanted to shield Biden, that report would have never seen the light of day, and we all know it.

Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson weighed in on the classified documents scandal and the explosive report that followed:

Biden is Too Demented to Be Found Guilty of Crimes, But Not Too Demented to Be President?

Special Counsel Robert Hur just found Joe Biden was guilty of violating national security laws in removing classified documents— after examining then Senator and Vice President Biden’s some 15-year habit of removing classified files to his offices and residences, where they were stored in unsecured fashion.

Period. End of story.

Hur then as a disinterested Special Counsel, not a local county prosecutor on a limited budget, logically would have indicted and prosecuted Biden.

It really is a jury’s decision to determine whether Biden was guilty or innocent, or whether he is pardoned/exempted by reason of dementia.

It is not the role of Hur, as a prosecutor and advocate for the state, to imagine how difficult his case might be to prove someone so incapacitated like Biden was guilty, as Hur’s own research and investigations had otherwise indicated that he was.) Is mindset, intention, or mental status a normal consideration of violations of national security laws, or is it the act itself?

So we are back to the James Comey defense: Hillary was guilty but in Lord and Savior Comey’s judgement no jury would likely convict a presidential candidate of such stature of violating national security laws. (NB: After her reprieve, Hillary immediately claimed such extenuating circumstances were proof of her innocence! And Biden in a nanosecond likewise claimed he is now exonerated too, as was the administration’s plan all along).

Finally note the following:

1) The Left, Hur, and others believe that someone who has lost his faculties and who would not be allowed to drive a semi-truck, teach a class, diagnose a patient, argue a case, wire a house, or cook a hamburger is nevertheless fit enough to run the United States of America.

2) Note this same old/same old shocking but predictable asymmetry. Trump is a mere four years younger than Biden. The left fixated on the fact that he recently confused Nikki Hayley with Nancy Pelosi. Are we then to expect Jack Smith to follow the precedent of his fellow special counsel Hur, who was likewise appointed by Biden administration AG Merrick Garland and thus to conclude that although Trump violated the law by removing files, he seemed too confused to indict, given the likelihood of a sympathetic jury?

3) Hur himself tried to preemptively defend himself from the obvious conclusion that he extended special considerations not to indict Biden in a manner Jack Smith did not to Trump. Yet he omits that there were key differences in the two cases:

Biden had no putative right, as did Trump as President, to declassify files he took home.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago walled and surveilled estate was far more secure than Biden’s rickety garage.

Biden had stored files for over a decade not less than two years.

Biden’s attorneys came forward just days before Smith was appointed on November 18, 2022. So it was not altruism that prompted their confession after Biden’s years of secretly hiding such illegality, but rather fear that Trump would soon be hounded for a ”crime” of which Biden was found out to be long guilty. So they went public to preempt that charge and falsely claim civic virtue.

This is just more of a long, disgusting pattern of biased applications of the law: Jan 6 vs 2020 May to October deadlier and more violent riots; election denialism of Trump versus Stacey Abrams’s nonstop claims of being the real governor of Georgia; “insurrection” called for in Trump’s speech vs Kamala Harris’s threats that the 2020 riots (“protests”) would and should keep going; the Trump 2020 election gambit versus the 2016 Leftwing coordinated effort to leverage electors into renouncing their states’ popular vote mandates. And so on.

No Department of Justice in our history has ever done more to undermine Americans’ confidence in the fair and equitable application of justice.

This is not the America we grew up in.

But it wasn’t over yet.

The Dems, who seemed determined to make darn sure Joe was firmly on his way out the door, took another bold step. They plopped him, a man who likely struggles with sundown syndrome, in front of the press at a time when he should be sleeping or enjoying his tapioca. This evening press encounter left him exposed to a barrage of journalists who, for once, didn’t hold back. Right on cue, Joe became flustered, defensive, and even confrontational. And the pressure really got to him, so badly that he mixed up Egypt with Mexico and referred to blue states as “green states,” among other blunders.

The jokes were flying fast and furious, but behind the laughs was a really scary situation. Americans want to know who is actually running this country.

In truth, Matt Gaetz summed it up best:

Clearly, Biden is way out of his league, so that’s why it was as if the stage was set for him to showcase his vulnerabilities under the harsh spotlight and fail, for the entire world to fully see. And they made sure that there was zero wiggle room for excuses. Truth be told, we’ve watched this same confused scene play out with Joe in countless public moments over the past few years, yet the media consistently looked the other way and even outright lied. This is just a reporter from Axios parroting the White House’s talking points. Anyone with a bit of sense never bought into this laughable hooey.

But now, with the objective of phasing out Joe, it’s all hands on deck. Suddenly, the media is not shying away from tossing the old guy under the bus. That’s our media for you—less about reporting the truth or uncovering vital issues and more about playing the enforcer for the regime.

But not all hack reporters are ready to throw in the towel on Biden just yet. Look at Rachel Maddow over at MSNBC. She says Biden isn’t “too old,” simply because he rides a bike. Hard-hitting stuff, folks.

Unlimited L’s:

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow Suggests Biden Isn’t Too Old for the Presidency Because ‘He Rides a Bike’

Chris Hayes: “If someone says, ‘You’re too far left,’ you can tack to the center,” but there’s nothing you can do if someone says you’re too old.”

Rachel Maddow: “He rides a bike,”


Meanwhile, this is Biden riding a bike:

I am good': Biden falls from bike but is unhurt - World - DAWN.COM

And let’s not forget the failing LA Times, delivering yet another cringe-worthy piece. Gee, and you wonder why they’re laying everyone off…

Believe it or not, there’s actually a Democrat stepping up to call out this whole mess, and it’s 2024 hopeful Dean Phillips. Here’s what he had to say on X:

I’m attacked for being honest and saying the quiet part out loud – the part DC insiders only do in private.

I admire our President. I voted for him and campaigned for him. He has visited my home and been gracious to my family and our country.

But shame on all of you pretending everything is ok. You are leading us – and him – into a disaster, and you damn well know it.


Now the burning question is: how does disgraced lackey Merrick Garland justify charging Trump over records he’s entitled to hold yet avoid charging Biden for possessing records he has no legal right to? Attorney Mike Davis offers his insights on this absurd inconsistency:

Keep this in mind: Biden wasn’t supposed to have those documents. Period. It’s flat-out illegal, yet it looks like he’ll skate by without a scratch, simply because he’s too “far gone” to face trial. Meanwhile, Trump, who was within his legal right to have his documents, is getting dragged through the mud, with charges hanging over his head. It’s a twisted scenario that just goes to show how far off track our country has gone, courtesy of a government playing by its own set of rogue rules.

It’s obvious the Democrats are busy clearing their biggest hurdle to the White House. But here’s a tip for conservatives: don’t lend them a hand. If the left is eager to show Joe the door, we should let them do the heavy lifting.

Actually, the man who imitates President Trump better than anyone else out there actually made a really good point on this topic:

Shawn is right. Why should we assist these ghouls in hitting their targets? The GOP’s been playing that game for way too long, and just look at the mess it’s landed us in.