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The irony is thick: Dems, of all people, are raising eyebrows over the “constitutionality” of El Salvador’s recent election, where President Bukele secured a landslide victory with an 83-point victory. Talk about a plot twist, right? When Americans voice concerns over our sketchy elections, they’re branded as “election deniers,” told to zip it, and lectured that 2020 was the fairest election in the cosmos. Yet, when there’s a monumental landslide in a country that’s been totally transformed for the better, suddenly the Dems are wringing their hands and throwing side-eye at the results. The sheer audacity of these shameless shmucks is beyond belief.

This man could go down as one of the most cherished leaders of our era. He’s truly dedicated to serving the people and only the people, and that’s why he won.

BREAKING: Only minutes after polls closed in El Salvador, Nayib Bukele has won with close to 90% of the vote

El Salvador’s Trump will remain President for the next 5 years in a big blow to the radical left & gangs

This is what happens when politicians deliver on their promises. The people reward them with overwhelming confidence

Naturally, Democrats can’t wrap their heads around the idea that people actually crave law and order, safety, jobs, and security. They’re elected on promises that are the polar opposite, so their skepticism isn’t surprising. And just when you thought it couldn’t get more absurd, The Hill starts raising eyebrows over a “sudden jump” in election numbers late at night—as if we haven’t seen that movie here, right?

Oh, the irony… Americans went to bed thinking Trump had easily won and woke up to the horror of Bumbling Joe Biden as “president.”

Here’s a closeup of the images:



The Hill:

Senate Democrats on Monday congratulated Salvadoran voters for participating in their county’s election but expressed concern about “unconstitutional moves” that they said “strongly influenced” the election results.

“We congratulate the people of El Salvador and those in the Salvadoran diaspora who exercised their democratic right to vote over the weekend,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) wrote in a statement.

“While people exercised their right to vote, we are troubled by the unconstitutional moves that strongly influenced the outcome of Sunday’s election and statements by the Vice President about ‘eliminating’ and ‘replacing’ democracy.”

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, who had soaring approval ratings leading up to the election and no strong competition, apparently secured a second term by a wide margin, garnering 83 percent of the vote compared with his closest competitor’s 7 percent, The Associated Press (AP) reported. He declared a historic margin of victory before even preliminary numbers were released Sunday evening.

Vote counting issues delayed election results, according to the AP. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal’s preliminary results showed ballots from 31 percent of polling places had been counted by late Sunday, per the news wire, but that figure suddenly jumped to 70 percent Monday morning.

The electoral authority said there were “multiple actions that have hampered the development of the transmission activities of preliminary results,” the AP reported, and noted the lack of paper used to print vote tallies at polling places.

The authority called for a switch to a contingency process that included tallying votes by hand, the AP said.

Bukele’s apparent reelection comes after he exercised special powers awarded to him under a state of emergency during his first term that gave rise to concerns about the rollback of democratic norms, but it also resulted in a drastic decrease in crime in a country that had faced a notorious gang violence problem.

Bukele responded to his critics in a fiery speech.

The Hill:

Bukele dedicated more than half of his victory speech to attacking foreign critics and journalists. He blamed decades of bloodshed, civil war and gang violence on foreign meddling by governments like the U.S., which funded El Salvador’s military during the country’s civil conflict.

“I ask these organisms, foreign governments, I ask these journalists: Why do they want us to kill each other?” he said. “Why do they want to see the blood of Salvadorans? Why are they not happy that blood doesn’t flow in our country the way it once did? Why should we and our children die?”

The speech rippled concern across press in El Salvador, which have faced harassment and legal attacks by the Bukele government, and were also the victims of the powerful Pegasus spy software, often used by governments to spy on adversaries.

While all this was going down in the US, the Dems didn’t bat an eye. Imagine if votes were tallied like this in El Salvador—the world would be up in arms. But since it’s happening right here, we’re expected to look the other way, nodding along to tales of America’s fairness and justice, and so on and so forth.

And who can forget the random suitcases filled with ballots?

Dems are fretting over the legitimacy of an election where a beloved, right-wing hero triumphed by more than 80 points. If it weren’t so tragic, you’d almost laugh. By their own logic, they’re conspiracy theorists and election deniers. But sure, let’s gear up for the 2024 tsunami of sketchy mail-in ballots and let freedom ring, shall we?