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Think the folks sneaking into the United States don’t have our number? Think again. They’ve got the whole game figured out: blue cities are soft, and red states mean business.


Illegals committing crimes in New York should be deported, but instead they were let go without bail! She said that Joe Biden can end this today if he undoes his Executive Orders that created this mess!

We have Criminal Illegals beating on Americans on our soil and allowed to get away with it🤬. America basically got the garbage that other countries don’t want!

Liberal policies are such a joke to these young illegal men that they mock us as they waltz out of jail after attacking NYC police officers.

These lax, soft-on-crime policies are why illegals are pulling off heists in places like NYC, then jetting off to Florida to live it up with the loot. It’s true; this is actually happening. And who uncovered this little gem? CNN’s Erica Hill, during a chat with John Miller. He laid out how these New York City illegals are making a mockery of the system—steal in the Big Apple, party in Florida, then zip back to NYC before anyone’s the wiser. Why? Because they know getting caught in Florida isn’t going to end well for them. Erica was left speechless—probably thought the only folks crossing the border were just innocent families, right?

Here’s what Daily Caller reporter Brianna Lyman had to say in an X post:


CNN’s Erica Hill quite literally stunned speechless after CNN’s John Miller said migrants steal in NY, spend in FL, but return to NY because they’ll actually be held accountable in the sunshine state:

“So what the detectives are telling me is, they have crews here that operate in New York, do all their stealing, then go to Florida to spend the money and come back. I’m like, ‘Why don’t they just stay and steal in Florida?’ They said, ‘Because there you go to jail,'” Miller said.

So, here’s the drill: they’re “earning” their keep in New York City, pocketing their “wages” through theft. Next, they hit up Florida for a sunny, safe getaway, then it’s back to NYC to punch in for another round. Talk about the American Dream, liberal-style.

And when they’re not stealing and going on vacation, they’re forming gangs, according to New York City residents.

Wall Street Apes:

New York Resident Says Illegal Immigrants In New York City Are Now Forming Gangs Based On Where They Are From. Illegals Are Committing Violent Crimes

Her Friend Who’s NYPD Said His Bosses Orders Were “Don’t make us look bad. Don’t arrest any of them.”

“Guys, the violence here in the last two weeks in New York City has gotten so bad. Basically, all the migrants have all created like these little sub gangs according to where they have derived from. The Colombians are sticking together. The Venezuelans are sticking together.

And the assault and the murder rate has just gone through the ******* roof.

I saw my friend this weekend who’s NYPD and he was telling me how crazy it is. And that they have direct orders that they can’t even really arrest them. Unless it’s a serious serious crime. Isn’t that ***** sick? Your NYPD and your boss is telling you, listen.

Don’t make us look bad. Don’t arrest any of them. I mean, isn’t that ***** sick? Meanwhile, you got citizens who live here and they jaywalk and the cops are like, take that piece of *** in. Let’s go.

$3,000 fine. I mean, it’s wild. So basically in the tents right now, there’s one specific story that stands out a little bit. Last week, this man from Venezuela was waiting on the food line to get their food and he tried to like, you know, hook up with some girl who belonged to a Peruvian guy. The Peruvian guy got mad that, you know, he was trying to mock it to his girl.

And then he stabbed them in the ***** neck. That was it. He’s dead. Goodbye. That’s just like you know, the tip of the iceberg.

What do you think, it’s not gonna continue? It’s gonna get worse. Jeez. I mean the stories he told me, you guys would die.”

The hard truth is that illegals are involved in a whole slew of criminal activities, from murder to robbery, drug offenses, DUI incidents, and the list goes on. Their first offense is entering the country unlawfully, which should lead to immediate deportation. Yet, under the Biden regime, they. get to stay because his new voter bloc trumps your safety.