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If you were ever skeptical about the #TrumpCurse, this tale might just make a believer out of you. We’re witnessing a fall from grace that’s not just epic—it’s a never-ending plummet. And it’s all happening to Big Fani, who couldn’t be more deserving of this kind of poetic justice. By now, you’ve probably caught wind of the saga surrounding Big Fani, the Georgia DA gunning to lock up Trump with cooked-up, sham “election interference” accusations. But here’s the juicy bit: She was caught in a steamy affair with a married man she brought on to investigate Trump. Her scandalous and immoral escapades were bankrolled by the good folks of Georgia, even as she tried to cast Trump as the villain. It’s a familiar story we’ve seen play out with Trump’s haters—turns out, they’re always guilty of the very sins they love to pin on him.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Fani, it looks like her own circle—friends and coworkers alike—is starting to turn on her. Folks close to the drama are coming out of the woodwork, spilling the real tea about her affair with the married guy. And if their stories are true, Big Fani hasn’t just been bending the truth; she’s been snapping it in half and lying like a rug. It’s looking more and more like she might need to swap the DA’s office for a cell, not just for this debacle but for a laundry list of other illegal moves.

Popular legal eagle Techno Fog shared the details on X:

New details alleged against Fulton County DA Fani Willis-

Witnesses will testify she “cohabitated” with Nathan Wade (despite her denials) at her home

The relationship began in 2019 – 3 years before Willis/Wade says it began, and before Wade’s 2021 appointment

“Witnesses will testify” that DA Willis and Wade cohabitated at an AirBNB “that was paid for by tax payer money”

The “safe house” was also a romantic getaway!

Here’s a closeup of the images:


Now, a fourth co-defendant in this sham “election interference” case has called for Fani to be removed.

Fox News:

A fourth co-defendant in the Georgia case against former president Donald Trump has filed a motion for the court to disqualify embattled District Attorney Fani Willis.

Co-defendant David Shafer, who in 2020 served as the Georgia GOP Chairman and a GOP presidential elector for Georgia during the 2020 election, filed a motion in court Monday saying Willis has engaged in a “pattern of prosecutorial, forensic misconduct” which he says should disqualify not only her, but her entire office and prosecution staff.

Shafer’s motion follows co-defendant Michael Roman’s claims that Willis engaged in an “improper” relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade whom she hired to prosecute the sprawling racketeering case against Trump and asked the court to disqualify her from the case.

Willis on Friday responded to the allegations in a court filing and admitted to having a “personal” relationship with Wade but denied any conflict of interest. She also argued that according to Georgia law, in order for a district attorney to be forcibly removed from a case, the conflict of interest has to be harmful to a defendant’s case.

No conflict of interest, eh? Nothing criminal happened? Alright, let’s break this down, shall we?

Big Fani came in like a wrecking ball and destroyed a marriage, then went on to not just lie about it but completely twist the timeline—which, by the way, is very important to this story. She brought her married beau on board, a DEI-type hire who had zero business handling the tasks he was given, and threw a ridiculous amount of money his way. Money that, surprise surprise, she ended up spending on herself. And the cherry on top of this crooked sundae? Their secret rendezvous took place in a “safe house” funded by Georgia’s taxpayers. After stirring up all this chaos, Big Fani had the audacity to stand in church and claim she was being targeted because of “racism.”

Harry Litman just let slip that Big Fani is getting outside legal eagles to draft her court documents. It looks like Fani, much like her married beau Nathan, is another DEI hire who’s out of her depth.

If Fani Willis is getting a helping hand from some behind-the-scenes lawyers, she must reveal who they are. There are likely all sorts of additional conflicts of interest we need to know about.

At this point, there are three words that we have for Fani:

Lock. Her. Up.