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No shocker here, but President Trump scored a major win in New Hampshire. It was a clear-cut triumph and a loud-and-clear message to the GOP establishment and the uni-party power players: the real power lies with the voters. No amount of cash or fabrication can swindle us into voting against our own interests. Ever. That’s the loud message New Hampshire voters sent by handing President Trump a significant victory. He is projected by the New York Times to outpace Nikki Haley by an impressive 11 percentage points.


President Trump is currently capturing nearly 55 percent of the vote, which is landslide territory.

But look on the bright side—Nikki Two Lovers did capture an impressive 86 percent of the vote… in the Ivy League college town of Hanover.

Of course, Nikki Haley’s ‘basket of deplorables’ moment on Fox News, live on primary voting day, probably didn’t do her any favors. It’s rarely a good idea to alienate voters just as they’re heading out to the polls. Nikki might want to remember that if she plans to stay in the race after this latest flop performance.

Clearly, most voters in New Hampshire are fed up with endless wars, unsuccessful globalist agendas, and bending over backward to appease the left, all disguised as “compassionate conservatism.” This is everything that Nikki Haley represents, and it’s precisely why we’re in this dire predicament in the first place. Americans have seen what Trump can do, and they’re ready to let him take the wheel again. Time to clean up the mess Biden and his uni-party cronies have made.

President Trump’s victory tour is heading straight to Nikki’s backyard next. If she thought the Iowa and New Hampshire results stung, just wait till she sees South Carolina. Trump’s rocking a nearly 40-point lead over Haley there, and she used to be the governor. What does that tell you? The folks who know her best are the least keen on her.


So, what’s next for Nikki? Will she play it smart, dodge more embarrassment—especially in her own backyard—and wrap up her campaign, joining the likes of DeSantis and Christie on the bench? Or will her establishment and NeverTrump backers push her to stick it out, hoping for a Hail Mary? One thing is for certain, the establishment was handed their pink slip from the American people, but will they bow out gracefully, or go out kicking and screaming? Time will tell, and we’ll be watching.