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Have you noticed? The US aviation industry is crashing, both literally and figuratively. It’s like we’re watching the whole airline sector fall apart at the seams: pilots passing away out of the blue, passengers turning flights into WWE-style brawls, doors and windows blowing off mid-flight, and air traffic controllers resorting to Google for on-the-spot training. And when it seems things couldn’t get stranger, there’s the case of the freaky guy leading United Airlines.

Instead of prioritizing essentials like safety and skills, the CEO at United appears to be more concerned with his false eyelashes and jumbo nylons. Think we are joking? We wish we were, folks.

Here’s a closeup of the images of the United CEO and others from United Airlines:

Beyond the CEO’s creepy wardrobe fetish and turning the skies into something resembling a gay “rave,” the real kicker is his obsession with “equity” at the expense of your safety.

The whole airline situation is an absolute mess, leaving many Americans scratching their heads and wondering just how things got this bad.

Here’s one possible reason for the decline:

All joking aside, Mayor Pete’s at the very center of what’s off track (pun intended) with transportation in the US, and it’s also a clear reflection of this whole “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” (DEI) approach. We’re now a country where race, gender, and sexual preference trump actual skill, expertise, and know-how. Gee, how could that go wrong?

Well, let us count the ways, shall we? Starting with this doozy:

After all, what passenger doesn’t want a complete mental crackpot in charge of the plane they’re flying on? You might be new to this topic, but it’s been on Revolver’s radar for quite a while now. In fact, we started calling out the DEI issue in the airline industry when only the faintest warning signs were beginning to show.

As technology advances, we’re regressing. Why?


The recent accident in Houston is just the latest noteworthy instance in what a major New York Times investigation this summer determined to be “an alarming pattern of safety lapses and near misses in the skies and on the runways in the USA.” According to internal records of the Federal Aviation Agency, the Times reported that these safety lapses and near misses occurred as a “result of human error.” The Times report further revealed that “runway incursions” of the sort described above have nearly doubled, from 987 to 1732, despite the widespread proliferation of advanced technologies.

We no longer focus on excellence; instead, we focus on wokeness.

The aggressive substitution of merit in favor of diversity has led to a so-called competency crisis, jeopardizing not only our ability to generate innovative technology but, in a more dire sense, our ability to simply maintain the proper functioning of various complex systems vital to our existence as a first-world civilization. Despite the superficiality of “diversity” as a matter of rhetoric, the reality of diversity as an ideological, cultural, and legal imperative is not merely cosmetic—far from it.

While a full treatment of this topic would run far outside the scope of this article, we have discussed elsewhere the manner and extent to which the affirmative action regime is embedded deeply into the law, economy, and every major institution in the country.

We highly recommend reading the entire Revolver article. It’s quite the eye-opener, shedding a bright light on the actual forces that are tearing apart our aviation industry. Read it here:

Crash Landing: The Inside Scoop About How Covid and Affirmative Action Policy Gutted Aviation Safety

Unfortunately, the way things are now, before boarding a flight, you might find yourself wanting to check not only if your pilot is physically fit but also mentally and emotionally stable and not decked out in high heels. That’s quite a burden for passengers, who ideally should be able to board a plane carefree, just like in the golden days of flying.

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