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What happened to Jeffrey Epstein? Did he commit suicide, as the powers-that-be claim he did? Most folks are very skeptical, and for good reason. Mr. Epstein appears to have been blackmailing some very high-profile, powerful people with his underage pedo island and creepy plane. People like Bill Clinton, who are closely associated with the island, would be under a lot more scrutiny if the media were not covering for them.

However, when some of the names are revealed off of the Epstein Island list, the public will have their chance at retaliation.

In the meantime, all things “Epstein” are back in the spotlight, and questions about his suspicious death are once again looming, with Tucker Carlson entering the fray and dropping an “insider” bomb on the entire topic. It turns out that Tucker is friends with somebody who spoke to Epstein right before his death, and according to Tucker’s source, he was not despondent or defeated. As a matter of fact, just before he died, Jeffrey was actually convinced he’d be getting out of jail. Why would a man who believed he was about to be free and possibly beat the system take his own life?

Here’s what Trending Politics co-founder Collin Rugg had to say about Tucker’s bombshell admission.

During a previous appearance on the Full Send Podcast, Tucker Carlson asserted with absolute certainty that Epstein was murdered.

Tucker said a friend of his was one of the last people to talk to Epstein before he was killed.

The friend told Tucker that Epstein truly believed he was getting out of prison.

“A friend of mine, one of the people who last talked to him on the phone the day he was killed, and he had an expectation of a bail hearing in two days.”

“He thought he was getting out. He was not despondent at all. I talked to his lawyer, told me the same thing.”

“They moved someone out of his cell.

They put two people, one of whom was not even a full-time, prison guard on duty. None of the cameras trained on the cell work. They were all out of it that night.”


Another interesting tidbit regarding Epstein is this theory from the late John McAfee about his cellmate, who supposedly went awol:

But, wait! There’s more. Jeffrey’s brother, Mark Epstein, is talking to Tucker Carlson, and he’s got quite a lot to say. Tucker took to X to tease the forthcoming interview:

The U.S. government claims Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a federal detention facility in Manhattan four and a half years ago, just before his trial. If that’s true, why are there so few records available from that night? Here’s Mark Epstein trying to get a copy of one of the most basic documents of all, the prehospital care report, written by the EMS team that moved his brother’s body out of the cell. We’ll be interviewing Mark Epstein soon.



There is an abundance of mystery and suspicion surrounding Epstein, but one thing that most rational people can agree on is that he did not commit suicide. Tucker’s latest insider information lends even more credibility to the theory that he was, indeed, murdered. We look forward to hearing what his brother Mark has to say in the near future.