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Nothing says “America Last” quite like allowing criminals to freely cross our border and then, once they’re inside, offering them two years of complimentary housing—all while many of our own citizens, including US veterans, struggle with homelessness. This is the reality in Maine, a clear demonstration of the illogical and self-defeating (and loathing) approach of globalists. What we’re seeing is a total disregard for common sense and national priorities.

Rather than sending these criminals back, we’re rolling out the red carpet for them, which is a direct slap in the face to our own citizens.

Honestly, it makes you wonder if the “great replacement theory” has more substance than previously thought, right?

The Maine Writer:

The Developer’s Collaborative completed 24 of the 60 planned new apartments at the Brunswick Landing complex in Brunswick, Maine. The apartments have one and two bedrooms, and they were built for asylum seekers who were staying in hotels and shelters in the Portland area.

Beyond the two years of free rent, there are also efforts underway to provide illegals with complimentary kitchen and household items.

America last.

The Maine State Legislature approved the funding to pay the rent on the apartments for the first two years, with Maine State Housing running the program. When the tenants start working, they will need to pay 30% of their income for rent.

The United Way of Midcoast Maine organized a kitchen donation drive to provide kitchen housewares for the new apartments. The United Way of Midcoast Maine is looking for volunteers to help move boxes into the apartments and put together furniture.

It’s a stark reality: over 200 veterans in Maine are facing homelessness, while these illegals, who’ve done absolutely nothing for us, are set to receive years of free rent.

News Central Maine:

Maine currently has more than 200 homeless veterans living without shelter, according to the Preble Street organization.
It’s a number that is new, as the state worked to reduce that number to single digits before the pandemic. State officials said during a roundtable Friday the unhoused population of veterans doubled just in the last year.

Meanwhile, it’s not only veterans who are affected. In Maine, there are over four thousand homeless people who won’t be receiving the same kind of support, like two years of free rent, that’s being offered to these illegal criminals.

America Last.


A reported 4,411 people were experiencing homelessness in Maine in January 2022, and an estimated 3.7% of them were unsheltered, the second smallest share among the 50 states. The number of people experiencing homelessness in Maine increased by 110.3% since 2020 and is up by 85.4% since 2010

While US citizens, including those who’ve served our country, are left with little support, criminals who illegally cross the border are being provided with rent assistance and household items. And this is just the beginning. The demands could soon extend to transportation, subsidized utilities, clothing, food, and legal representation. The residents of Maine might want to keep their wallets handy; it seems they’ll be reaching into them quite a bit more, courtesy of Democratic policies. Well, truth be told, the cost of building an entirely new voting demographic certainly isn’t cheap, is it?