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It’s like a modern-day showdown at the O.K. Corral, but this time it’s in Eagle Pass, Texas. The face-off is between the Texas National Guard and the Biden regime. Thanks to a fully fed-up Governor Greg Abbott, Texas has now taken control of Biden’s “New Voter” invasion.

As it stands now, the Border Patrol union has officially confirmed that their agents are being blocked by the Texas National Guard, and the union is actually praising Abbott for seizing control. In addition, the mayor of Eagle Pass has revealed that he too was made aware of the plans to take control of his city.

Everyone appears to be in agreement, except for the Biden regime, which will likely challenge this in court quicker than you’d hear about a new Trump indictment. Here’s what Fox News reporter Bill Melugin had to say in an X post:

NEW: The Texas Military Department confirms the TX National Guard has seized control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass (city property where mass illegal crossings are), and is restricting Border Patrol from accessing the area, saying the Feds “perpetuate illegal crossings”. This is the area where Border Patrol has been cutting TX razor wire. Razor wire and fences are now deployed to block the area off from the public and federal government. Attached video is from our crew on the ground this morning as they began blocking it off.
You can expect DOJ to sue Texas over this.

Texas Military Department statement:

“The Texas National Guard has maintained a presence with security points and temporary barrier in Shelby Park since 2021. The current posture is to prepare for future illegal immigrant surges and to restrict access to organizations that perpetuate illegal immigrant crossings in the park and greater Eagle Pass area.”

I reached out to CBP/Border Patrol in the sector for comment hours ago – no response yet.

This report is creating quite a stir online. Conservatives are thrilled to see Republican lawmakers taking decisive action to protect the nation, uphold the Constitution, and look out for actual US citizens, who are always lost and forgotten in the shuffle.

Governor Abbott saw this report and commented on it:

Governor Abbott is acting in accordance with what the majority of Americans want. Across the nation, there’s a growing frustration with the current border policies under the Biden regime. More states should consider adopting this move until it becomes crystal clear to illegals that they’re not wanted or welcome and should go back home. Furthermore, those who are here illegally need to go back.