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How is it that these men and women enter Congress with modest wealth but emerge as multi-millionaires many times over? The answer is surprisingly simple: stocks. It’s as if our lawmakers have an uncanny knack for stock trading. Perhaps they were all stock traders in a previous life? Or better yet, maybe they’re part of an exclusive “Insider Trading” club that excludes the likes of you and me?

Most of you are likely aware of Pelosi’s alleged “insider trading” activities. She entered Congress as a member of the upper-class San Francisco elite and appears poised to leave as the “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Here’s a closeup of the images:



This new eye-opening report seems to unveil the truth behind it all. Prepare to be astonished by the staggering sums these scumbags are accumulating while we, the people, pay their salaries. We’re getting screwed over twice, folks.

The popular X finance account “Unusual Whales” put together the shocking report, which really puts into perspective what so-called “public servants” are really up to.

Let’s take a look at some of this report. Prepare to be infuriated:


I have just released the full report on politicians trading in 2023.

Like every year since 2020, US politicians beat the market.

And many in Congress made unusually timed trades resulting in huge gains.

Here are the top performers of 2023.

This year, Democrats absolutely dominated their Republican counterparts.

Dems were up 31%, and Republicans 18%.

Meanwhile, the S&P500 itself was up 24%.

Many traded despite conflicts in their committees in record numbers.

Read the full report here: https://unusualwhales.com/politics/article/congress-trading-report-2023


Many members in Congress made huge gains in their portfolios after a market record year for $SPY.

Sadly many members had more trades than legislative votes this year.

Here are some of the highest realized gains this year.

Read the full report here: https://unusualwhales.com/politics/article/congress-trading-report-2023


What is absolutely insane is that Congress was trading options once again in 2023.

Notionally, they traded more in 2023 than last year!

The amounts are crazy: +$150 million while Congress was in session including Pelosi’s $NVDA trades.

Read the report: https://unusualwhales.com/politics/article/congress-trading-report-2023

Here is a longer table for many member’s portfolio returns.

The names are across the aisle, from Democrats to Republicans.

Famous traders like Dan Crenshaw, Nancy Pelosi, Josh Gottheimer and others all beat the market this year.

Read report here: http://unusualwhales.com/politics/article/congress-trading-report-2023


Read the rest of the thread here.

This comes as no surprise; Mr. Crenshaw has a track record of “outperforming the market.”

Texas Signal:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Houston) did pretty well for himself in 2021, financially speaking. According to a new report from Unusual Whales, Crenshaw’s trading netted the fifth-highest rate of return among members of Congress, narrowly edging out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. A total of 35 members of Congress got returns greater than the SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), essentially meaning they beat the market.

Crenshaw has gotten in hot water over stock trading before. In March of 2020, he made half a dozen buys while the country went into lockdown and Congress debated and wrote the largest economic stimulus package in history. This included purchasing stock in Boeing, a company that successfully lobbied for billions of dollars from the CARES Act. Crenshaw was on the House committees for Budget and Homeland Security at the time. More significantly, Crenshaw failed to disclose these trades for months, which is a violation of the STOCK Act.

Crenshaw vehemently opposed a bill aimed at prohibiting lawmakers from trading stocks, arguing that he has no means to “improve his financial standing.” With an annual salary of nearly $180,000 for what amounts to relatively little work, one might wonder what more Dan needs to “enhance his situation.”

Tesas Signal:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw was recently asked about members of Congress trading stocks and his response was, interesting. On the podcast All American Savage Show, the host brought up the Signal’s recent article about Crenshaw’s trading netting the fifth-highest return in all of Congress.

According to a report from Unusual Whales, Crenshaw was one of 35 members of Congress who beat the market in 2021 by trading stocks and options. The Houston-area Congressman just edged out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the fifth-place spot.

“I think it would be fine if you wanted to ban individual stock trading… as opposed to ETFs, indexes,” said Crenshaw. “I’m kinda neutral on it.”

“If you want only millionaires and billionaires to run for Congress, then keep making sure we can’t raise our pay,” he added. “Just keep in mind that no one will run for Congress because you have no way to better yourself.”

Clearly, we’ve got a significant issue here. Our government is filled with vampires, draining the lifeblood of this nation for their own personal gain. They have turned “public service” into a wildly lucrative career, profiting at the expense of taxpayers, all while engaging in activities that would land you and me behind bars for many years. Our government is pure filth, and unless we swiftly and efficiently take action to and clean house, the entire nation will crumble.

We encourage you to read Unusual Whale’s entire report. You can find it by clicking here.