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Many Americans are watching the situation unfold at the US border and can’t help but think that a disaster of this magnitude must be planned, right? While the media and the left dismiss the “Great Replacement Theory” as a wild conspiracy, it’s not a wild conspiracy; it’s very real.

In fact, left-wing lawmakers are now openly acknowledging this plot on live TV. Rep. Yvette Clarke let the cat out of the bag when she explained how she needs more illegals in her state for “redistricting purposes.” What does that mean? Simple: Democrats are now openly admitting they’re importing third-world rejects in order to stay in power.

The one bright spot is that the American people see this globalist plot for what it is: an invasion. But that doesn’t solve the issue.

National Pulse:

 Sixty-five percent, or almost a full two thirds of Americans say it is “very accurate” or “somewhat accurate” to describe the Biden-made crisis at the U.S. border as an “invasion” of the United States. The data comes as part of new Rasmussen Reports polling of likely U.S. voters, sponsored by The National Pulse.

However, Democrats are not stupid. Despite openly acknowledging the plot, they are aware that the border crisis has now become a bipartisan issue. Everyone’s pissed at this point. This means Biden will “feign” concern and temporarily reinstate Trump’s successful policies to slow the flow. This way, during the election season, Biden can appear as if he’s actually taking steps to address the issue. Don’t be fooled; it’s all a ruse.

They need these illegals to remain in power.

Meanwhile, if you’re holding your breath and waiting for Republicans to save the country, you’ll turn blue and die. As a matter of fact, the gutless Republicans just funded Biden’s border chaos.

The GOP is not only worthless; they’re actively working against us. The Uniparty is real, folks, and if we don’t exterminate it, we’ll never save this country.