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Nancy Pelosi has slithered back into the sunlight. After taking some time to hide under her rock, the former Speaker of the House is back and making waves with her outlandish statements. Recently, she was caught on camera outside her San Francisco house, unraveling and mixing up conspiracy theories. As usual, she started off by blaming the Russians for the pro-Hamas, left-wing protests, something we’ve become all too familiar with. It’s become the Dems go-to scapegoat for anything they can’t deal with or disagree with. Facing an issue that’s too complex to solve? Just blame the big bad Russian boogeymen. And don’t stress; the left-wing base is so low-information they won’t challenge it—that is, until this ridiculous tactic is flipped and used against them, which is exactly what happened.


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing criticism after suggesting some pro-Palestinian protesters are “connected to Russia.”

“We have to think about what we’re doing, and what we have to do is try to stop the suffering in Gaza … but for them to call for a ceasefire is Mr. Putin’s message,” she said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Make no mistake, this is directly connected to what he would like to see.”

The comments come as pro-Palestinian protesters demanding a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza have consistently interrupted President Joe Biden’s events as well as Pelosi’s own recent event in Seattle.

“I think … some of these protesters are spontaneous and organic and sincere,” Pelosi said. “Some, I think, are connected to Russia. And I say that having looked at this for a long time now, as you know.”

Pelosi believes that Russia is paying for the pro-Palestinian forces, who are turning the country upside down. She can’t bring herself to admit that a faction of the left-wing has always supported terrorists. The CNN piece goes on:

When asked whether she thought some pro-Palestinian protests were Russian plants, the California Democrat responded, “I don’t think they’re plants.”

“I think some financing should be investigated,” Pelosi said, “and I want to ask the FBI to investigate that.”

She swiftly received criticism from the head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad, who said the organization was “deeply disturbed” and called Pelosi’s suggestion that the FBI investigate the protesters “downright authoritarian.”

“We are deeply disturbed by Former House Speaker Pelosi’s comments. Rep. Pelosi’s claim that some of the Americans protesting for a Gaza ceasefire are working with Vladimir Putin sounds delusional and her call for the FBI to investigate those protesters without any evidence is downright authoritarian,” Awad said in a statement.

Sadly, the 83-year-old Pelosi is struggling to keep her conspiracy theories straight. In a recent incident outside her house, she switched from her usual script about the Russians. This time, she unexpectedly pointed the finger at the Chinese instead.

Say what?

Collin Rugg, the co-founder of Trending Politics, shared the video on X. Here’s what he had to say:

NEW: Nancy Pelosi gets in a shouting match with protesters outside her home in San Francisco and tells them to “go back to China.”

“Go back to China where your headquarters is,” she was heard saying.

The incident came just one day after Pelosi floated the idea that pro-Palestine protesters were paid for by Russia and called for an investigation.

Now she is telling protesters to go back to China.

This woman has lost it.

Video: @halalflow

You’d think that with Nancy’s growing paranoia about the Chinese, she’d be pushing for tighter border control, especially considering the unprecedented influx of military-aged Chinese men crossing over through Biden’s wide-open borders.


These arrivals are part of a staggering new trend. In the first 11 months of 2023, more than 31,000 Chinese citizens were picked up by law enforcement crossing illegally into the US from Mexico, government data shows – compared with an average of roughly 1,500 per year over the preceding decade.

If Nancy is keen on keeping those Chinese conspiracy theories out of the spotlight, she might want to have a word with Joe about securing our border.

And speaking of Joe and the border situation, it’s not wise to expect any real action from him. The man seems to be stumbling through, barely able to grasp the responsibilities his job entails.

It seems like the people at the helm are losing their grip on reality. Think about it: Would you trust Joe or Nancy to even house-sit your pets right now? Doubtful. So, how is it that they’re in charge of the most powerful nation in the world?