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We’ve said this countless times, but it bears saying again: The left is using “climate change” as a weapon to gain more power and unleash dystopian control over our lives. It’s another “moral” pretext to trample on our individual rights, much like what happened during the so-called COVID “pandemic.” Remember those fun times? They told us, “If you love Granny, shut down your business, stay indoors, and get a sketchy vaccine that doesn’t even stop the virus.” If you didn’t comply, you were branded a “granny killer.” The climate change nonsense is no different; if you resist Big Government surveillance and rules and regulations, suddenly you’re an Earth-hater.

While some government enthusiasts on the left swallow this hooey whole, those who actually love freedom see right through it and are pushing back. Take London under Sadiq Khan as a perfect example. The city has put up cameras under the guise of “monitoring” and “improving” air quality, but it’s obviously about more than just tracking cars. So, a group of masked “Blade Runners” is fighting back by tearing down these cameras. They’re causing quite a headache for the globalists and putting a significant dent in their mass control scheme.

Here they are in action:

And the best news is that, thus far, they haven’t been caught.

And just look at the number of cameras they’ve disabled, all in the name of freedom!

Approximately 3000 ULEZ cameras have been disabled, damaged, or disappeared in London during 2023.

The Blade Runners are at the forefront of a multi-faceted peasants revolt that will continue into 2024, mass non-compliance is our way out of this, with more people waking up every single day.

We are winning, but shit is about to get a little tougher.

So remember we the people are the ones with the power👊

Bring on the New Year.

This group is risking a lot, and they’re doing the Lord’s work.

Euro News:

Self-proclaimed ‘freedom fighters’ believe that London mayor Sadiq Khan’s extension of the scheme, which aims to improve air quality in the city, is an attack on their civil rights.

A highly controversial scheme aimed at reducing car use in central London was expanded to cover the entire city at the end of August.

While some welcomed the extension of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which aims to curb congestion and air pollution by making drivers of certain vehicles pay a daily fee, extreme opposition is gathering steam.

Among the many peaceful protestors, some have begun tearing down, vandalising and even stealing the cameras that make sure motorists are abiding by the rules.

They style themselves “Blade Runners” after the classic dystopian film, with hardline activists driven by conspiracy theories and rampant misinformation.

Using the pseudonym Ben MacMillan, one saboteur told The Daily Express newspaper what makes these attacks unusual is that they aren’t undertaken by young people or gangs of activists.

“It’s mostly people in their 40s and pensioners,” he told the paper. “I get old ladies asking me how to destroy the cameras. They’re going around London with garden shears. These are normal people who work normal jobs, have businesses, families.”

Despite the illegality of the acts, most of the so-called Blade Runners have managed to avoid being caught by authorities, with only a tiny number charged so far.

Remember, folks, resistance isn’t futile. When driven by the right reasons, it really can make a difference.