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Having the last name Pelosi or Biden pretty much sets you up for a life on easy street. Sure, there’s a bit of noise about Hunter being “targeted” now, but let’s be real—that’s just Joe angling for re-election. It’s all show, no real heat. Then there’s Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s son, who seems to tiptoe around the edges of shady money deals without ever getting caught. It’s always someone else in his orbit who takes the fall. And here we are again, with the Daily Mail highlighting that it’s the seventh time Paul’s managed to glide through unscathed. It’s quite an impressive track record, isn’t it?

Here’s what conservative pundit Robby Starbuck had to say about this bombshell case that’s making waves online:

Here’s a closeup of the images Robby shared:



Paul Pelosi Jr. dodges another bullet. It must be pretty sweet to have that kind of liberal privilege on your side.

Daily Mail: 

Two fraudsters linked to Nancy Pelosi’s son are set to be sentenced over a money laundering and mail fraud scheme, DailyMail.com can reveal.

It is the seventh federal case that Paul Pelosi Jr., the 55-year-old son of the former House Speaker, has been embroiled in, documented in an extensive investigation by DailyMail.com.

The charges leveled by federal prosecutors against fraudsters Bill Garlock and Gina Rodriguez, include shady dealings over a San Francisco flop house that Pelosi Jr. claimed to own.

Garlock and Rodriguez have cut a plea deal and are scheduled to be sentenced in March.

The latest law enforcement bust on the real estate dealers linked to Pelosi Jr. has led financial crime experts to question why Nancy’s son avoided indictment himself – even after he was identified by documents reviewed by DailyMail.com as paying bribes to get building permits on his Mission District flop house.

The DOJ seems to have a “thing” for protecting the offspring of political bigwigs, and it appears to be happening once again. The Daily Mail piece goes on:

Seamus Bruner, vice president of research at the transparency think tank Government Accountability Institute, said Pelosi Jr.’s links to multiple federal cases, without any allegations leveled against him, raises concerns that he was getting preferential treatment due to his last name.

‘The US Justice Department has a history of sheltering and protecting the family members of powerful political elites,’ Bruner said.

‘We’ve seen it time and again with the Clintons and the Bidens. There can be no question that a last name like Pelosi is going to carry weight among California-based prosecutors who want to advance their careers at the federal level.’

Here are more details on the caper:

Garlock and Rodriguez duped investors into fronting well over $1million for supposed real estate ventures, but instead used the cash for their own rent, loan repayments, credit card bills, and even ‘horse-related expenses’, San Francisco federal prosecutors say.

A 2022 indictment of the two says they got money from investors ‘by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises, and by means of concealment of material facts, including through the use of half-truths’.

Among the property investments they pitched was the renovation of a dilapidated mixed-use building in the Mission District of San Francisco – with a troubled past of code violations and squalid conditions for its hapless tenants.

A previous investigation by DailyMail.com revealed Pelosi Jr. had deep ties to the building, on the corner of Utah Street and 24th Street.

He claimed he owned 20%, and was involved in a 2017 bribery scheme to get permits for the property that led to the imprisonment of a city official and an engineering consultant after an FBI bust.

Pelosi’s son Paul snuck through that indictment, only being mentioned as “Client 9.” The Daily Mail piece continues:

Pelosi Jr. was only named as ‘Client 9’ in the 2021 bribery criminal complaint, and was not charged himself.

Nancy’s son was listed as the selling realtor on transaction documents when it was bought in 2017 by Feng 24th LLC, a company controlled by Garlock and Rodriguez.

And according to the property manager and permit applications, Pelosi Jr. continued to be intimately involved with the flop house after its sale to the two fraudsters.

But he is nowhere to be seen in the July 2022 indictment leveled against Garlock, 74, and Rodriguez, 57, in a Northern California federal court.

The charges are juicy: 15 counts of money laundering and mail fraud, topped off with a sneaky plot to pocket $400,000 from investors under the guise of pouring it into the 24th Street property. Instead, that cash went straight to personal splurges. Pelosi Jr.’s connection to this crime is a mix of money and personal ties, and they’re strong enough to make any sane person wonder if being the offspring of political royalty has been his (and Hunter’s) get-out-of-jail-free card. Meanwhile, a J6 prisoner gets the book thrown at them for spending one lousy minute inside the US Capitol. So much for the land of the free, huh?