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A Montana family is transitioning through a nightmare right now, thanks to the left’s evil, twisted, and ghoulish transgender movement. After parents Todd and Krista objected to their 14-year-old daughter Jennifer’s gender transition plans, the state Child Protective Services got involved and medically kidnapped the young girl and is now helping her transition into a boy. This is the type of story you’d expect to read about in some backwoods foreign hellhole, but it’s happening right here in the US, and in a red state of all places.

It all started in Glasgow, Montana, when Jennifer started identifying as a boy. Krista and Todd Kolstad opened up about their ordeal to Reduxx, revealing that their daughter was removed from their home and might now be sent to Canada.

How is this even possible? At 14, you’re too young to vote or get a tattoo, but changing your gender is suddenly on the table? This level of absurdity is so disturbing that it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that it’s actually happening.

The nightmare started in August 2023. They were informed that Jennifer was dealing with suicidal thoughts at school. According to the family, their daughter has always had issues at school, especially with bullying, and even had to change districts to try to get a fresh start. The family also believes that their daughter is suffering from underlying mental health issues as well.

The day everything hit the fan, a case worker from Montana Child and Family Services showed up at their home. The family was upset by the visit, but they went along with it and welcomed the worker in for a house inspection during dinner time. This family falsely believed that if they cooperated, everything would be okay. This is a mistake that many people make. Trust us when we say that the government is not there to “help” you.


“She had always had problems at school,” Krista says, noting that she and Todd had even pulled her from one district and sent her to another due to issues with bullying in an effort to give her a fresh start. But despite experiencing some real-world hardships, Krista claims Jennifer also had some undiagnosed mental health concerns, including attention-seeking behavior.

Later on that same evening, a case worker with Montana Child and Family Services (CFS) showed up to the Kolstad home to speak with Jennifer and do an inspection. Krista had been preparing dinner at the time, and invited the case worker to tour the residence despite both her and her husband being distressed by the sudden appearance.

During the interview with CFS, Jennifer claimed to have consumed toilet bowl cleaner and painkiller medications that day in an effort to commit suicide. Krista says that it had immediately struck her as being highly unlikely, as not only did Jennifer not have access to either substance unmonitored, but that Jennifer had expressed no symptoms of imminent illness that day.

Despite their doubts about the veracity of Jennifer’s claims, Krista and Todd agreed to take Jennifer to the local hospital on an emergency basis. While there, blood work returned that Jennifer had not consumed any toxic substances.

Krista and Todd provided Reduxx with copies of Jennifer’s medical paperwork to substantiate their claim that Jennifer had not consumed any dangerous substances the day she was admitted to hospital. The paperwork confirms that there were no abnormalities detected in Jennifer’s system, and that her overall physical health was good.

But notes taken at the hospital consistently mention that Jennifer identifies as a “male” and wishes to be called “Leo.”

While Jennifer was in the hospital, her family say their “parenting” was constantly undermined by the staff. The Reduxx piece goes on:

Krista says she and Todd immediately made their objections known to Hospital staff, requesting Jennifer be called by her birth name.


While the medical transitioning of minors was prohibited in the state of Montana at the time, Krista says the hospital told her that “social transitioning” was a “grey area” and continued to call Jennifer “Leo” and refer to her as a boy.

As a patient admitted for suicidal ideations, Jennifer was placed on 24/7 watch to keep her safe. But Krista says an aide was placed outside of her door who would regularly talk to Jennifer about “gender affirming” care.

“I came one day and she was talking about having top-surgery and being non-binary,” Krista says of the aide. She took her complaint to the on-duty Doctor, who dismissed her. “He told me, ‘why are not you more concerned that your daughter is trying to harm herself, then what [the aide] is talking about?’”

Another aide who had been set to watch over Jennifer similarly chastised Krista, telling her to “respect” Jennifer’s wishes to be called “Leo.”

Krista describes Jennifer’s time in the hospital as a period of constant efforts to undermine her and Todd’s parental authority.

It didn’t take long for this situation to spiral out of control, and soon, the police were involved and they were moving this minor across state lines. Reduxx goes on:

[…] Krista and Todd were called and informed Jennifer would be moved to Wyoming.

“They called and told us that a bed had opened up in Wyoming and that Jennifer needed to go. [The Doctor] said ‘she has to go. she’s not doing any good here,’ and we were really blown away,” Krista recounts. “No one talked to us about the the name of the facility — we had no one to answer our questions. We told them we wanted our questions answered before we accepted the bed.”

Ten minutes later, Child and Family Services arrived at the Kolstad residence with police.

“They showed up at our home to serve us with papers to take Jennifer out of our care,” Krista says. “They told me the reason was that we were ‘unable or refusing to provide medical care.’ That’s just not true.”

[…] Krista would later find out that Jennifer had told her friends that she was “crazy and trying to kill herself” and was being taken away from her parents.

In the end, the parents claim that their child was “kidnapped” by the authorities. As they explain it, she’s now on a path to “transition” into a boy. Despite being advised to remain silent on the matter, they’ve chosen to share their story in the video below.

Robby Starbuck:

Todd and Krista Kolstad had their 14 yr old daughter kidnapped in MONTANA by CPS and CPS is transitioning her now.

They made this video to tell their story but a court ordered them to be silent. I made a copy before it was removed.

You need to watch all of it. Horrifying. This is how the medical field and the state treats parents who try to protect their kids. @GovGianforte must step in and stop this immediately!

What a terrifying nightmare. We encourage you to read the entire Reduxx piece here.

This is from the GiveSendGo page, set up by a family member:

I am setting up this GiveSendGo campaign for my brother and sister-in-law, who have fallen victim to the forced trans ideology, government and medical tyranny that resulted in the medical kidnapping of their 14-year-old child in Montana, facilitated by Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital in Glasgow, MT, along with Montana CPS. They have been threatened, intimidated, mocked, had their characters attacked, and custody is being stripped from them because they did not consent to transitioning a 14-year-old child in mental crisis. They need our help to meet the mounting expenses and legal fees as they fight to get their daughter back in a system that has become corrupt and weaponized against families. Will you please help us and stand with them? If this can happen in Montana of all places, none of us are safe, and neither are our children. Help us bring Holly home.

**UPDATE 1/26/24** –

KOLSTAD FAMILY STATEMENT: Krista and Todd originally had a YouTube video detailing the series of events that resulted in the kidnapping of their child. They were threatened by the judge with contempt of court and prison time if they didn’t remove it. (?!?!?!) Then someone (not the Kolstads) uploaded it to Rumble. You may find it there, but due to threats they cannot personally share it at this time, and have no control over its dissemination online, as they are not the ones who posted it on Rumble. Please pray for them.

This family needs your love, prayers, support, and donations to their legal fun. Please, consider donating, and sharing this article, so more people are aware of what’s happening in a so-called “red state.”

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