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A PhD student and January 6th political victim, known simply as Will, has chosen to stand up against the tyrannical DOJ. He’s doing it in his own unique way, with a move that’s as clever as it is poignant. Will has filed a motion against the Biden regime in the case against him. He’s accusing the regime of offering a “sweetheart deal” to sketchy J6 character Ray Epps. The crux of Will’s motion is “selective prosecution.” He’s challenging the apparent double standards in how cases are being handled, and he’s doing it in a way that mocks the regime and treats them like the cowardly clowns they truly are.

Here’s what Will had to say in his post on X:

Here’s a closeup of the images Will shared:

Sure, as guilty as Will is of being “good-looking,” it shouldn’t be a 30-year sentence. Now, as humorous as Will’s lawsuit is, there are a lot of very serious questions still hanging in the air about Ray Epps. He’s the guy caught on video multiple times, egging people on to “storm the Capitol,” and is even seen trying to injure police. Yet he’s been treated with kid gloves. “It’s both infuriating and a stark example of injustice how non-violent January 6th participants have been overwhelmed by the DOJ’s harsh charges, while Ray Epps seems to get just a minor slap on the wrist.

Take Matthew Perna, for example. He was a Capitol protester who tragically took his own life while waiting for his sentencing. His family said he died of a “broken heart” caused by the overwhelming pressure of his case. They believe the justice system crushed his spirit and love for life. Perna pleaded guilty to felony “obstruction of Congress,” thinking that the DOJ would reward him for avoiding a trial, only to be rudely awakened and heartbroken by the news that the DOJ would throw the book at him at sentencing.

Brandon Straka:

🚨Newly released footage of Matthew Perna (seen in red sweatshirt) shows Matthew walking calmly in the Capitol shooting video.

Matthew pled guilty to initial charges, believing he may face 6-12 months in prison.

Only after pleading guilty did the DOJ inform Matthew that they would seek a TERRORISM enhancement to his sentencing, which would raise his sentence to a potential 9 years in federal prison.

4 days after receiving news that the DOJ would push for this sentencing enhancement, Matthew went into his garage, put a rope around his neck, and hung himself.




Meanwhile, Epps, who was seen encouraging violent actions and was amidst crowds that injured police, appears to be treated like a hero.

Curious, isn’t it?

And to make matters worse, charges were only brought against Epps after outlets like Revolver and commentators including Tucker Carlson began pointing out the glaring hypocrisy and questioning Epps’s real reasons for being at the event.

Why is it that a man who played such an antagonistic role on January 6th is being treated almost like a hero, while peaceful, non-violent grandparents are being treated like ISIS terrorists? The difference in treatment raises some very serious questions.

The DOJ just put out the sentencing document for Mr. Epps, and it feels like the Biden administration is scrambling to stuff the “Ray Epps toothpaste” back in the tube. The whole thing reads like a desperate attempt to manage the situation, and of course, Revolver covered it in detail.


Earlier this week, the Department of Justice published a sentencing memo recommending that Ray Epps serve six months in prison on misdemeanor charges related to his behavior on January 6th.

Back in September, we reported on the bizarre situation in which Ray Epps, nearly three years after January 6th, is hit with a misdemeanor charge for which the DOJ notifies him in advance and to which he pleads guilty.

For a sense of perspective regarding the DOJ’s 6-month prison recommendation for Ray Epps, consider that Enrique Tarrio, who wasn’t even in DC on January 6th, was sentenced to 22 years in prison. Ray Epps’ fellow Oath Keeper leader, Stewart Rhodes, was convicted of seditious conspiracy and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Epps’ sentencing recommendation is not only trivial in comparison to fellow heavyweights Stewart Rhodes and Enrique Tarrio. Prosecutors are requesting 30 months for Sandra Weyer, a 60-year-old woman with no criminal record and no record of violent behavior on January 6th.

Revolver breaks down the bizarre details surrounding the sentencing document and how they literally paint Mr. Epps, a major provocateur, as a “victim.” Why?

The Revolver piece continues:

Interestingly, the DOJ’s sentencing document on Epps admits that Epps is guilty of “felonious conduct,” but not only do they spare him the seditious conspiracy charges given to other major Fedsurrection players, they spare him even the “obstruction of an official proceeding” felony charge (currently pending Supreme Court review) given to countless other January 6 defendants with far less egregious behavior. So why the display of mercy? One reason the DOJ gives for leniency is that Epps reached out to the FBI early and was allegedly forthcoming and cooperative with their investigation. The notion that Epps was cooperative is highly questionable; indeed, we have reported on countless discrepancies, if not lies, in his account of events recorded in interviews with law enforcement. Just to take one example, Epps at one point claimed that he thought it would be legal to go into the Capitol—a claim contradicted repeatedly by the fact that he prefaced his exhortations to storm the Capitol with “I’m probably going to go to jail for this.” Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Ray Epps did turn himself in early and was cooperative, as well as the fact that he called for a de-escalation of violence in many instances. Many January 6 defendants notified law enforcement early on of their presence in the Capitol and enjoyed no such extreme leniency.

The final extenuating circumstance the DOJ offers is by far the most bizarre. That is, the DOJ cites the fact that Ray Epps is a victim of “conspiracies” as a reason to provide leniency and to withhold felony charges for his admittedly felonious conduct.

There’s a lot more to this story, and we encourage you to read the entire Revolver breakdown.

Regime Desperate to Tie Up Fedsurrection Loose Ends With Latest Epps Sentencing Document

Also, mark your calendars for January 6th at 7:00 p.m. Revolver’s Darren Beattie, Alex Jones, and Glenn Greenwald will be going head-to-head with three liberal media figures in a debate about the events of that day. It’s going to be a no-holds-barred discussion that you won’t want to miss. The details are below: