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It’s no secret that the US airline industry is currently plagued with scandal, fear, and a lot of turbulence. Much of the turmoil is linked to their obsessive focus on the left’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda. DEI prioritizes factors like skin color, gender identity, and sexual orientation over actual skills and talent in their hiring process. Let’s look at four recent examples of failed DEI hires.

Sure, it’s a huge problem that our government is full of these clueless hires. But the real worry starts when they end up in industries that touch our lives every day. Take the airline industry, for instance. There’s this shocking new report about the FAA. Apparently, they’ve got this “secret word code” for black aviation students’ resumes. The goal is to push these resumes to the front, possibly skipping over other folks who might actually be far more qualified. But they don’t stop there; they’ve got even more racist tricks up their sleeves.


This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever read.

First, the FAA gave secret code words to students in the Black Caucus of Federal Aviation Employees to put in their resume that would skip them to the front of the line.

In another instance of the signals to go to the front of the line was to say the high school class you received your lowest grades in was “Science.”

Yes, they literally shot you to the front of the line if you said your worst grades were in Science.

Here’s a closeup of the images Austen shared.

As Revolver has extensively reported, DEI is taking over aviation, and as a result, we’re seeing many problems, from tech issues to pilot blunders. We’re also seeing chaos onboard the planes, with passengers regularly coming to blows. The entire industry feels as if it’s coming apart at the seams.

As technology advances, the airline industry is regressing. Why?


The recent accident in Houston is just the latest noteworthy instance in what a major New York Times investigation this summer determined to be “an alarming pattern of safety lapses and near misses in the skies and on the runways in the USA.” According to internal records of the Federal Aviation Agency, the Times reported that these safety lapses and near misses occurred as a “result of human error.” The Times report further revealed that “runway incursions” of the sort described above have nearly doubled, from 987 to 1732, despite the widespread proliferation of advanced technologies.

We no longer focus on excellence; instead, we focus on wokeness.

The aggressive substitution of merit in favor of diversity has led to a so-called competency crisis, jeopardizing not only our ability to generate innovative technology but, in a more dire sense, our ability to simply maintain the proper functioning of various complex systems vital to our existence as a first-world civilization. Despite the superficiality of “diversity” as a matter of rhetoric, the reality of diversity as an ideological, cultural, and legal imperative is not merely cosmetic—far from it.

While a full treatment of this topic would run far outside the scope of this article, we have discussed elsewhere the manner and extent to which the affirmative action regime is embedded deeply into the law, economy, and every major institution in the country.

We highly recommend reading the entire Revolver article. It’s quite an eye-opener, shining a bright light on the actual forces that are tearing apart our aviation industry. Read it here:

Crash Landing: The Inside Scoop About How Covid and Affirmative Action Policy Gutted Aviation Safety

Meanwhile, NBC News is circling the wagons for the airline industry. They’re sticking with their usual narrative, labeling legitimate concerns as just another “right-wing conspiracy theory.” According to them, everything in our country is hunky-dory, and conservatives are just evil villains who hate diversity. Honestly, it’s the same old, tired story.

Let’s get real, NBC: America isn’t exactly cruising on smooth waters. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that we’re teetering on the edge of collapse. This isn’t just a rough patch; our nation is facing some serious challenges that can’t be ignored, and you can’t brush off legitimate concerns with the same lazy “conspiracy theory” excuse. The good news is that it looks like a whole lot of companies that hopped on the DEI train are about to go off a major legal cliff. We’re potentially looking at some of the biggest discrimination lawsuits in history, and it’s because whites and Asians are getting the short end of the stick. Playing favorites based on skin color is against the law. Hiring based on skill and expertise should be the name of the game, and it looks like these companies are going to learn that lesson the hard and costly way. On the upside, our skies might just become a lot friendlier and safer once this all shakes out.