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Remember the Canadian Trucker fiasco of 2022, famously dubbed The Freedom Convoy? Canadian truckers made waves when they united against Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical vaccine mandates and travel restrictions. It was an incredible grassroots movement, powered by the people, and truly a remarkable sight to witness.

The protests had a lively and festive atmosphere, with people filling the streets to celebrate their freedom and the power of personal choice.

As the movement gained momentum and more people joined the demonstrations to rally for freedom, Trudeau took drastic, “Stalin-like” measures to shut it down. He instituted martial law and clamped down on the group by freezing their bank accounts and confiscating fuel from numerous trucks, effectively destroying their livelihoods. Trudeau and his gang whipped out “The Emergencies Act,” a modern twist on Canada’s old War Measures Act that was meant for real national emergencies, serious stuff that rocks the government to its core. But this? It was nowhere close to that kind of crisis. It was a lively, successful movement that just ruffled the feathers of the elites. This forceful and severe exercise of power was something you’d expect to see in North Korea or Russia, not in a Westernized North American nation like Canada.

Well, all of that has finally come full circle. Today marks the day the freedom-loving truckers and their supporters got their due, and Justin Trudeau got his too. The courts have ruled that what Justin and his ragtag communist crew did to those innocent patriots was straight-up illegal.

Is this the end for Justin? Many think it is.

The Blaze:

A Canadian federal court ruled Tuesday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of martial law in 2022 to crush the peaceful trucker protests “was not justified.” Justice Richard Mosley noted further that “the decision to issue the Proclamation was unreasonable and led to infringement of Charter rights.”

While a poll indicated last month that a supermajority of Canadians already wanted Trudeau to resign, he now faces additional pressure to step down. However, his deputy — who recently smirked as a reporter was bashed and arrested by police for asking her questions — indicated the Liberal regime will continue to defend its actions and appeal the ruling.

Meanwhile, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and his socialist party are attempting to retroactively qualify their support for the Emergencies Act invocation, suggesting they had championed it “reluctantly.”

Thank goodness that in Canada, the justice system isn’t fully weaponized like it is here, and they can still get justice.

The court was brutal in its assessment of how Trudeau handled the situation. Clearly, it was all political. The Blaze piece goes on:

Siding with civil liberties groups in his Tuesday ruling, Justice Mosley indicated that while economically impactful, the Freedom Convoy protests neither threatened national security nor warranted martial law.

“I have concluded that the decision to issue the Proclamation [of the Emergencies Act] does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness – justification, transparency and intelligibility – and was not justified,” wrote Mosley.

The court also found that the Trudeau regime had not exhausted other available, less extreme legal options to tackle what it perceived as a threat.

“Due to its nature and to the broad powers it grants the Federal Executive, the Emergencies Act is a tool of last resort,” wrote Mosley. “The GIC cannot invoke the Emergencies Act because it is convenient, or because it may work better than other tools at their disposal or available to the provinces.”

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, one of the groups that challenged the Liberal regime, said in a statement, “Emergency is not in the eye of the beholder. Emergency powers are necessary in extreme circumstances, but they are also dangerous to democracy. They should be used sparingly and carefully.”

And now, the Trudeau rats are trying to abandon ship, but it’s not working.

Canada’s been thrown into turmoil courtesy of Justin’s dangerous “green” agenda for quite some time. Folks are struggling to make ends meet, all because of the left’s unwavering devotion to the “Climate Change Cult.”

Justin’s reign as the Golden Boy of Canada is over. He’s facing a difficult upcoming election, and the people of Canada, thanks in part to his draconian move to squash a peaceful and joyous protest, are part of the reason he’s now seeing headlines like this.

Justin Trudeau’s tenure is nearing its end, and it looks like he’ll exit the stage in a manner befitting the legacy of the power-hungry, radical communist he’s rumored to be descended from. Meanwhile, it’s heartening to see the truckers vindicated, and now the focus should shift to holding Trudeau accountable. It’s time to consider serious consequences for how he used powers that didn’t even belong to him to abuse innocent people. Lock him up!