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Anyone with a reasonably sound mind (which omits Joe Biden) could see from the start that the sham indictments against President Trump were as politically driven as the debunked Russia hoax and the overblown COVID “pandemic” were. It’s the same old strategy, but now the regime loyalists, in their utter desperation, are constantly raising the stakes. What they’re attempting to do to Trump by trying to imprison him is tear apart the very fabric of our judicial system and the entire rule of law in our country. The implications of this could be even more far-reaching than the so-called “pandemic.”

And all of this coordinated evil and chaos is coming from the very top of our government apparatus. As a matter of fact, Mike Davis, an attorney and former clerk for Justice Gorsuch, says it’s increasingly evident that Joe Biden has his big, grubby hands in each of the four sham indictments against President Trump. But you probably already suspected that, didn’t you?

Mike made his comments regarding the latest news that Nathan Wade, Fani Willis’s lead prosecutor (whom she was reportedly having an affair with), met with Biden’s White House Counsel on May 23 and Nov. 18, 2022, before indicting Donald Trump, the man who is beating him soundly in the polls.

The question now is quite simple: is the Biden White House coordinating Trump’s prosecution?

Mike would answer with a resounding yes. Here’s everything he said in regards to this latest bombshell news:


Biden has his hands in all 4 (bogus) indictments against his top political enemy.

1. Biden, though his deputy White House counsel Jonathan Su, waived Trump’s claim of executive privilege. This led to unprecedented home raid on Trump. And Jack Smith’s appointment and 2 (bogus) indictments against Trump.

2. Matthew Colangelo got sent from the Biden DOJ #3’s office to Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s office to bring the first (bogus) indict against Trump.

3. Nathan Wade, Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ special prosecutor and secret boyfriend, had Georgia taxpayers pay for his two meetings with the Biden White House Counsel before Fani Willis brought her (bogus) indictment against Trump.

House Judiciary Chairman @Jim_Jordan must haul them in to testify and publicly explain this.

Meanwhile, Fani Willis will not say if she’s discussing her case with Jack Smith or not.

Isn’t this a peculiar predicament? Everything seems very intertwined. Consider this: President Trump was impeached over a perfectly legal phone call to Ukraine, where he inquired about possibly criminal business dealings involving the Biden family. Yet, Joe Biden, seemingly involved in every sham case against President Trump, remains completely untouched, sitting up high in his gilded cage, mumbling away. It raises the question: Is the GOP complicit in these attacks against Trump, or are they simply this ineffective and incompetent?

Either way, they’re proving to be utterly useless.