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Fresh off the heels of their first discussion, which received over a million views on Rumble, young America First phenom Vivek Ramaswamy rejoins Darren Beattie for another no-holds-barred discussion, and this one gets dark.

Vivek has in the past alluded to a sinister plot the Regime has in store involving Nikki Haley. Whereas before it seemed like the Regime’s plan was to remove Biden and install someone like Gavin Newsom or potentially even Michelle Obama, now—biarrely, strangely, but with a perverse logic—it seems like the establishment generally has converged around notorious neocon Nikki Haley. Beattie presses Vivek to elaborate, and the discussion gets very dark. Every American concerned for the future of his country must educate himself about the dark horse threat of Nikki Haley, who, despite looking good on paper to some, poses a greater threat to American liberty than even Joe Biden.

Here’s where it gets really dark:

Revolver’s Darren Beattie dryly suggests that Nikki Haley’s involvement could make 2024 the “737 Max Election,” in a sharp allusion to Haley’s tenure as Boeing executive/lobbyist.

Watch the full interview: