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There’s certainly nothing subtle about this recent Washington Post article. It seems to be a dogwhistle for an assassination attempt on President Trump. It’s as if they’re looking for some whacked-out lone wolf who’s willing to take one for the team. This is what Matt Gaetz highlighted in his post on X, where he shared the article’s inflammatory title and highly disturbing artwork. Together, they seem to promote the idea of “stopping” a leader through historically deadly means.

The piece is titled “Opinion:A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.

The artwork depicts a statue of Caesar merged with the face of President Trump, essentially conveying the message, “Eliminate the new dictator just as you did with the previous one.”

This disturbingly violent piece was written by the actual editor-at-large of the Washington Post, Robert Kagan, who is also a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Incidentally, his wife is Victoria Nuland, of color revolution fame.

Robert Kagan is a typical hateful ruling class apparatchik who doesn’t seem to care if the majority supports President Trump—if he and his pals don’t, then by golly, he must die… or something like that. And this isn’t the first time the regime has purposed Julius Caesar for its thinly veiled Trump “assassination” fantasies. Who can forget this play from six years ago? The left calls this “art.” Normal people call it a death threat.


Matt Gaetz knows exactly what the left is really up to. Here’s the post he shared on X:

And here’s a closeup of the image:

The article essentially appears to advocate for this “assassination” in the name of the “common good,” drawing parallels with historical events like those in Roman times.

What’s truly ironic is that the people calling Trump “Hitler” are currently cheering on a full-blown “police state.” Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald also chimed in on this legacy media “hive mind” mentality:

Part two:

None of this should come as a surprise, given the left’s love for the “by any means necessary” mantra, particularly when it concerns President Trump. The true shame in all of this is that President Trump is a decent man committed to making the country great for everyone. However, the mainstream media has succeeded in indoctrinating half the population into viewing him as Hitler Jr., simply because he’s a direct threat to the deep state and is willing to expose the massive corruption within the Swamp. This really drives home the extent of government rot that we’re dealing with and how the legacy media can never be trusted.