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It’s truly difficult to muster sympathy for those who willingly vote themselves into dangerous and hopeless situations. By now, if you haven’t recognized that Democrat policies are convoluted and ineffective, leading to increased crime and chaos, you are beyond help. The evidence of the left’s failures is everywhere. Liberal-run cities look like dystopian hellholes, overrun with crime, drugs, and despair.

So, why do so many people keep voting for these failed policies? Perhaps they’d rather choose misery over progress if it means not supporting an “evil” Republican. What we’re seeing now is that these failed liberal policies are starting to hit closer to home for many. Suddenly, when it’s no longer an issue for someone else to deal with, Democrat voters are beginning to regret their choices. That’s what happened to a California business owner who openly acknowledged casting straight Democrat votes, only to find himself dealing with rising crime and misery as a result.

Hey, you get what you vote for, pal.

It’s tough to feel for these folks, though deep down, there’s hope they’ve finally seen the light and will kick those progressive bums out of office. This country needs leaders who genuinely care about the everyday issues that most Americans face. Do you think a guy like this stands a chance at turning things around, or are most of these loyal Dem-voting liberals a lost cause by now?