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Chances are, Gavin Newsom probably reminds you of somebody, and if you can’t quite put your finger on it, allow us to help you.

Here’s a hint: he’s a handsome serial killer with no soul…

A dead ringer, wouldn’t you say?

That brings us to Tucker, who has frequently labeled Newsom as the most dangerous politician of our time. Tucker recently appeared on the All-In Podcast, where he described Newsom as possessing a genuinely creepy “superpower” that he’s never observed in anyone else. This man seems to have ice water coursing through his veins and could likely pass a lie detector test with flying colors, guilty or not.

Here’s a partial transcript from popular X account Chiefnerd:

TUCKER: “One thing I know for a fact about Gavin Newsom is he has the capacity to beat a lie detector test…Gavin Newsom’s palms don’t sweat. His respiration doesn’t increase. His body temperature doesn’t change. Nothing changes in Gavin Newsom when he lies to your face. And there are not that many people like that.”


Tucker’s right again. He nailed it. Truth be told, the most significant lie detector test is the American people themselves, and hopefully, a vast majority can see through Gavin Newsom, who not only gives off a “lizard man” vibe but also an anti-Christ aura, to boot.