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A question on many people’s minds about the Ukraine “war” is why Joe Biden has never called for peace talks. Not once, even though they tried to pretend they wanted peace talks.


The Biden administration is pushing Ukraine to the negotiating table with Russia. Except that, maybe, it’s actually not?

Two Wednesday stories caused confusion around town and left your friendly neighborhood NatSec Daily team wondering wtf was going on.

In the morning, NBC News reported that some U.S. and Western officials “are eyeing the expected winter slowdown in fighting as an opportunity for diplomacy to begin between Russia and Ukraine.” That story got a little backup from Gen. MARK MILLEY, the Joint Chiefs chair, who told an audience in New York that Russia’s retreat in preparation for a spring offensive provides “a window of opportunity for negotiation.”

So the United States must be pushing Ukraine to begin peace talks with Russia, right? Well…

Wednesday evening The New York Times reported that “American and European officials say serious peace talks between Ukraine and Russia are unlikely in the near future.” As the story suggests, Ukraine is doing very well militarily, and President VOLODYMYR ZELENSKYY would lose support by trying to make a deal now. And it’s not like VLADIMIR PUTIN has shown a real desire to broker an agreement and recall his troops.

President JOE BIDEN also doesn’t sound like a guy yearning for imminent diplomacy. “It remains to be seen whether or not there’ll be a judgment made as to whether or not Ukraine is prepared to compromise with Russia,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

What gives? After all, Alex recently reported that the U.S. wants Ukraine to show its willingness to resolve the conflict peacefully and reasonably, but not necessarily dive into talks right away. We asked senior administration officials which interpretation — talks soon or talks later — was more correct.

They mainly indicated it was “talks later.” Russia — read: Putin — needs to feel he has no military path forward before he’ll agree to serious talks. In the meantime, Kyiv needs to remain open to a peaceful resolution until the right time comes.

This attitude and lack of interest in “peace” give the distinct impression that Joe and his cohorts might want this confrontation to continue, funneling billions of US taxpayer dollars into a corrupt country with no oversight whatsoever. Many suspect this is one giant “money laundering” scheme, and you can’t blame Americans for not trusting this crooked regime. Not to mention Biden’s reluctance to pursue peace talks puts the US at risk of being drawn into a potential “World War III,” thanks to the US funding a proxy war against Russia.

Speaking of the lack of peace talks, that was a topic recently highlighted by Tucker Carlson, David Sacks, and Congresswoman Luna. In fact, Tucker pinpointed the exact moment he believes Joe Biden’s actions led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.

Popular X account KanekoaTheGreat posted all the details and the video clip. Here’s what he had to say:

NEW – Tucker Carlson, David Sacks, and Congresswoman Luna talk about Biden blocking a peace deal at the start of the Ukraine War, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainians.

@TuckerCarlson: “This war wouldn’t be still in progress, were it not for the Biden administration, abetted by the leadership of the Republican Party.”

“Zelensky just said they are going to call up 40-year-olds – what does that tell you? There are no more 25-year-olds.”

“I’m talking about the people who pushed the war, who went to the Munich Security Conference, the Vice President, President, & Undersecretary of State who said to Zelensky that we want you to join NATO knowing that was Russia’s red line.

They knew that and did it anyway. They wanted a war. They destroyed Western Europe’s economy by blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline… But the main thing they did was destroy Ukraine.”

@DavidSacks: “I personally believe that there are half a million people in Ukraine who are dead right now because we do not have an honest, public conversation in the United States.

If the mainstream media honestly reported that there was a deal available in the first month of this war to end the war and all we had to agree on was for Ukraine not to be part of NATO, which it never will be anyway because it’s not going to win this war.

If the mainstream media does report that, I think the American people would have said, of course, we should sign that deal – why would we block it?”

@realannapaulina: “Part of the reason why I’ve been so vocal about not giving Ukraine any more funding is that the parliament intent once this war is over – they actually want to take all of the equipment we’ve provided them and essentially start their own Wagner group.

And I think that the fact is that the Republican Party as a whole, even McConnell, I mean, many people have been complicit in really just supporting the military-industrial complex.

And frankly, if Trump had been in office, I think this would have never happened. There would have been peace talks.”

@TuckerCarlson: “The Israelis were honest enough, as you remember Naftali Bennett, to say over a year ago there was a peace deal in progress, and it was scuttled by the U.S.

That’s a massive moral crime, like the blood of those kids is on their hands. Yet they’re running around lecturing us about democracy and how they’re on the right side of history.

The opposite is true. They’ve committed a horrific crime, and the main victim has been Ukraine, and they’re still posing as the defenders of Ukraine.”

Honestly, one has to wonder how many lives and billions of dollars could have been spared and saved if the original peace deal had been accepted. It’s tempting to chalk this up to incompetence, but the level of coordination and purpose behind these actions suggests it’s more than just another blunder by Biden, and that should scare every single American.