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Tucker Carlson’s firing continues to be a point of contention among many conservatives. How could Fox News silence such a crucial voice for America First policies and the “forgotten Americans”? Well, according to Tucker, he wasn’t the least bit surprised that he was let go. During his appearance on the All-In Podcast, he explained it this way: You can’t offend everyone and still expect to keep your corporate job. However, things became particularly interesting when Tucker revealed how Fox News keeps its hosts in check through the advertisers who fund the network. He pointed out that Big Pharma is one of the main sponsors of Fox News, and consequently, no one on the network is going to criticize the vaccine.

Tucker elaborated that this is the method by which hosts, reporters, and journalists are kept in line, and it’s also how corporate America exercises nearly complete control over the entire news cycle. Now, you can start to truly grasp the conflict between Elon Musk and his corporate advertisers and why they’re so furious that they can’t control the narrative.

Popular X account KanekoaTheGreat shared the details of what Tucker said during his appearance on the All-In Podcast:

The All-In Pod asks @TuckerCarlson why he was fired by FOX News and what role corporate advertisers play in shaping news coverage?

Tucker highlights Big Pharma, constituting 75% of TV ads in 2020, then delves into COVID, lockdowns, mRNA shots, January 6th, and the War in Ukraine.

“It not only exists, it defines news coverage. Especially on pharma because pharma is the biggest advertiser on television. If Pfizer is sponsoring your show, you are not going to question the vax… And that’s why they are the biggest advertiser. So they can shape news coverage.”

Tucker explains that he was not surprised by his firing because it is implicitly understood within the industry that sharing opinions that conflict with corporate advertisers eventually gets you fired.

“I had a lot of opinions that were unpopular with people who might have influenced my show getting canceled… But I was not shocked at all. You can’t give the finger to everybody and persist in a corporate job.”

This aligns with Glenn Greenwald’s (@ggreenwald) recent analysis, shared by @elonmusk, illustrating how modern journalism, once a check on established power, is now controlled by corporate advertisers.


The ongoing corporate boycott of @X, ostensibly based on a false antisemitism claim, reflects this broader pattern.

Empirical data reveals platforms like TikTok and Instagram promote significantly more antisemitism than @X, yet corporate advertisers are only targeting this platform.


This contradiction underscores the corporate @X boycott is less about combating antisemitism and more about stifling freedom of speech online.

When @elonmusk defiantly tells this union of major corporate advertisers and establishment power to “go f**k yourself” for attempting to bankrupt his company, he’s pointing at the authoritarian illiberal forces attempting to control online speech through advertising dollars.

Elon Musk, Glenn Greenwald, and Tucker Carlson rightly point the finger at this dangerous alliance of corporate and government power, manipulating news and shaping social media platforms through advertising dollars.

These authoritarian illiberal forces starkly oppose the core principles of freedom, liberty, and enlightenment that have fostered the modern prosperity of so many people in the Western world.

Greg Gutfeld expressed a similar sentiment, and Elon Musk agreed. It makes you wonder how much longer Greg will be permitted to remain on Fox News with this “rebel” attitude, doesn’t it?

Recognizing this fact, you come to understand that corporate America has always been “woke”; they’ve simply hid it from plain view. Now, they’ve removed the mask and are free to be who they’ve always been—the arbiters of news and propaganda. It really makes you realize who’s running the show and calling the shots, doesn’t it?

You can watch the entire podcast here: