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Once again, it seems the medical industry is letting down the American people. It’s becoming a troubling pattern, from questionable vaccines to unclear and often contradictory information about so-called pandemics. Our medical industry, from top to bottom, seems to have failed in its duty to serve the people. Now, we’re facing a complete erosion of trust. It’s come to light that the nation’s largest pharmacies have been willingly sharing Americans’ private health data with law enforcement, all without needing a warrant.

Unreal. We’re becoming more and more like North Korea every day.

Many believe that the current focus on pharmacies and Americans’ data is less about “abortions,” as ABC News and Democrats are trying to suggest, and much more about vaccines, which the regime appears to be tirelessly focused on.

ABC News:

Americans’ prescription drug records are being shared with law enforcement agencies in some cases without the customer’s knowledge and without a judge first signing off on a warrant, according to three U.S. lawmakers.

The finding has Democrats worried that the policies by major retail pharmacy chains — which are allowed under federal rules — could help prosecutors in states that have banned or restricted abortion go after residents who help women travel to get abortions.

In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, the lawmakers said they want the federal government to tighten the rules so pharmacies only release medical records to investigators with a judge’s approval.

“Through briefings with the major pharmacies, we learned that each year law enforcement agencies secretly obtain the prescription records of thousands of Americans without a warrant,” they wrote. “In many cases, pharmacies are handing over sensitive medical records without review by a legal professional. Although pharmacies are legally permitted to tell their customers about government demands for their data, most don’t.”

Many Americans, outraged by this breach, are questioning HIPAA laws and why they aren’t offering protection. Others are curious about the specific target of this data sharing. Are they looking for information on abortions, vaccines, or could it be related to opioids? Regardless, if both sides are resisting, this might just be the rare “bipartisan” issue that everyone can agree on, and wouldn’t that be strange and refreshing?