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Have you heard about the current situation in New Zealand? Chaos is erupting over an alleged data leak that reveals the real number of people who have passed away after receiving the COVID vaccine. And these numbers are truly jaw-dropping.


As of now, nobody has confirmed or denied that the data is real, but the New Zealand government’s reaction speaks volumes. In fact, the situation is intensifying; the government has gone so far as to arrest the whistleblower.

Newshub New Zealand:

A 56-year-old man has been denied bail for now after appeared in court on Monday morning, accused of leaking large amounts of Te Whatu Ora vaccination data online.

Barry Young was arrested on Sunday and appeared before Wellington District Court judge Andrew Nicholls on Monday.

He faces one charge of dishonestly accessing Te Whatu Ora databases with the maximum penalty being up to seven years of imprisonment.

He has not entered a plea.

A public gallery full of supporters stood and clapped when Young entered the courtroom. Judge Nicholls told them off, saying “any more disruption and I’ll ask you to leave”.

Young has been denied bail on Monday and will be released on bail at 1pm on Tuesday.

The government is currently making frantic efforts to censor the data, but it’s already too late. It’s akin to attempting to put toothpaste back into the tube.

They’re so desperate to censor that data that they’ve even granted the public health agency, Te Whatu Ora, an injunction preventing anyone in the whole entire world (lol) from publishing the data, according to One News New Zealand. They’re also ominously accusing him of “spreading misinformation about Covid-19.” So much for freedom of expression and open debate.

One News New Zealand:

A health worker has been arrested and charged after allegedly misusing and disclosing vaccination data, while spreading misinformation about Covid-19, police told 1News this evening.

The 56-year-old man will appear in the Wellington District Court tomorrow charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes, police said.

It comes after health officials today laid a police complaint against a staff member.

In addition, Te Whatu Ora has been granted an injunction that “prevents any publication of the data” by the Employment Relations Authority. However, authorities are still “working to confirm the full extent” of the man’s activities.

Health New Zealand chief executive Margie Apa said earlier today that the agency was urgently working to deal with the “unauthorised disclosure and misuse of data by one of its staff members”.

The man involved has allegedly spread misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Apa said: “What this individual is trying to claim about vaccines is completely wrong and ill-informed and their comments demonstrate this. The person has no clinical background or expert vaccine knowledge and appears to be trying to spread misinformation.”

There is no evidence that vaccination is responsible for excess mortality in New Zealand.

Margie Apa

There is no evidence that vaccination is responsible for excess mortality, say the people who won’t release the data.

Source: Trust me, bro.

We’re still waiting for the George Soros network, which loves to boast about how they support “open societies,” to come to this whistleblower’s rescue.

COVID vaccine truth-teller Steve Kirsch, who worked closely with the whistleblower to bring transparency to the public, shared a dire warning from Liz Gunn about the developing situation in New Zealand.


BREAKING: Emergency video from Liz Gunn about the situation in New Zealand. They are arresting the person who wants data transparency. They should be arresting the corrupt members of the New Zealand Ministry of Health who are refusing to look at the data and prove it is safe.

According to Kirsch, the whistleblower is only guilty of trying to ask the authorities whether or not their mystery juice shot is safe.

Here’s more background from Kirsch on how this whole thing unfolded:

Breaking: Barry Young will be allowed bail at 1pm tomorrow (NZ time). This gives NZ Police time to download his cloud storage so they can verify that I and Professor Fenton advised him that the data showed the vaccines were killing people. Thus, Barry should be charged with believing Fenton who is arguably the top risk management expert in the world w.r.t. vaccine safety.

That is a horrible crime I think. Listening to a world expert instead of the corrupt NZ health authorities who never did a cohort time-series analysis on their own data.

They should be charging us with the crime of “coming to a conclusion that doesn’t match the false narrative.” For that, I and Fenton are guilty.

There’s more on the whistleblower and how to fund his defense in this Rumble video:

Tech guru Kim Dotcom makes a valid point: the New Zealand government looks very, very nervous right now.

There are a couple of big takeaways here: One, if the data isn’t real, why are they freaking out? Two, if the data is real, these tyrannical liberals won’t be able to hide it forever. The truth has a way of leaking out, eventually.