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When the regime concocted an “indictment plot” to use against President Trump, they likely didn’t anticipate that their scheme would catapult Trump to the pinnacle of superstardom. However, that’s exactly what happened. Numerous polls consistently show President Trump outperforming Biden in the general election. But this latest news has brought another significant development. It’s now official: the American people aren’t buying into Jack Smith’s election interference scheme.

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Just look at these remarkable poll numbers from the Wall Street Journal:

Here’s a closeup of the image:

If you’ll recall, the crooked media and the Trump haters told us that, if convicted of a felony, President Trump would lose in a landslide to Old Man Joe Biden. This poll, by a Murdoch-owned outlet that hates Trump, destroys that narrative and shows Trump competitive with Biden even if convicted of a felony. What’s more, Biden’s support collapses if he gets impeached in the House. It makes you wonder: what are the House Republicans waiting for?

What’s also interesting are the comments surrounding this poll:

“I will write Trump’s name in, if I have to. F**k the regime!”

“Trump still wins the Electoral College with a 1 point National Popular vote loss. I don’t give a flying f*ck if Trump is convicted and in a federal prison cell, I’ll still vote him. Jack Smith and Joe Biden WILL NOT control my vote. F them both and Garland! #Trump2024SaveAmerica”

“Lol even if Trump loses the National vote by 1 it’s still a big win for him. He “lost” by 4.5% in ‘20 and lost 3 states by a combined 40k votes”

“I will vote for Trump regardless, even if I have to write in his name.”

“Whether or not Trump is convicted makes zero difference. These are poisonous indictments, and any fruit they bear is poisonous too.”

“Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcomes”

“So basically trump still wins”

“The American people don’t believe Jack Smith.”

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That last comment hits the nail on the head. The regime had one job to do: persuade Americans that President Trump was “public enemy #1.” However, they couldn’t pull it off, mainly because they’ve trashed their reputations over the past eight years while attempting to dismantle one man solely because he’s an outsider with the potential to expose them all, and the American people can see it. All of it.