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Known as America’s most desolate, liberal-run city plagued by rampant crime, drugs, moral decay, homelessness, and skyrocketing costs, there’s arguably no place on earth more in need of the spirit of Jesus this Christmas season than the Big Apple. Surprisingly, Times Square, of all places, delivered a monumental tribute. For the first time ever, all 27 billboards were dedicated to sharing the true story of Christmas, visible and audible for everyone to witness.

This happened three weeks ago, but it’s still stunning to see, and it’s truly a Christmas miracle.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took over the iconic New York City Times Square on Monday, to show scenes of Jesus Christ’s birth and the traditional nativity.

A video of the event posted by the church on Friday shows many people who stopped along the busy streets, to watch as lights on the giant screens showed beautiful artwork of shepherds, wise men, animals, angels, Mary, Joseph and, of course, baby Jesus.

The message shared at Times Square encourages people to share Christ’s light by “letting (their) light shine,” before displaying the logo for the church and its annual Light the World campaign.

The greatest story ever told is unfolding, and regardless of one’s views on the Mormon Church, its message is something that everyone in America needs to see and experience, especially now.

Merry Christmas.