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There’s no denying it—there’s been a rash of violent black teen mobs attacking white kids. Look what happened in Las Vegas when a “diverse” group of students beat a white teenager to death. No media outrage.

Sadly, however, this violent trend goes beyond that deadly incident. In Chicago, a white woman was beaten by a mob of violent black youths. No media outrage.

Black students on a bus beat a white girl senseless. No media outrage.

In Maryland, a mob of black teens attacked two white kids after a football game. No media outrage.

In Wisconsin, a group of black kids beat a white kid so severely that he ended up with head and brain injuries. No media outrage.

Sadly, we have another one of these violent black mob attacks to report, this time in Florida, where a group of angry black teens slammed a white kid head-first into the pavement. No media outrage.

You see a pattern forming, right?

The Daily Mail:

Horrifying footage sows the moment a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas was brutally slammed into the grand on his head during a brawl.

The student was hospitalized with non life-threating injuries after the assault, which happened after school at the parking lot of a park near the high school, as reported by WSVN.

Coral Springs police said they responded to the incident on Tuesday at about 3pm. Students at the high school are reportedly given passes to park at the park.


A friend of the victim told local media that 15 people had chased him before the attack.

At least two attackers are seen continuing to punch the victim after he was smashed into the ground.

Three other teen boys then approach the student and appear to try to help him but he remains unresponsive.

It’s unclear whether all of the attackers are students at the school.

The police are investigating.

Looking at these incidents, along with many others not mentioned here, one can’t help but wonder if our country’s anti-white agenda is contributing to this anger and pushing these misguided black youths towards a life filled with hate and violence. In addition, the silence from the media is striking and disturbing. They either don’t cover stories like these or minimize them to avoid disrupting their narrative of anti-white racism. It isn’t groups of violent white kids causing chaos in schools and streets against black kids; it’s the opposite. And with left-wing politicians, the fake news media, and Republicans too scared to speak the truth, innocent young white kids are left at risk of attack, or worse, death. This is the America that was shaped under Barack Obama’s divisive leadership, and it continues to evolve in the same dangerous direction under Joe Biden’s so-called reign.