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James Gagliano is a retired special agent from the FBI. This man dedicated his life to helping others and believed he was serving an esteemed American institution. Instead, what he experienced was a bureau that shifted from serving the people to targeting them based on their political affiliations. Gagliano believes that what he witnessed at the FBI will be their “Waterloo” moment.

He wrote a compelling op-ed for Fox News, where he shared his behind-the-scenes experiences and how the once-respected agency declined, thanks to the influence of liberal Ivy League elitists who infiltrated the bureau.

Fox News:

J. Edgar Hoover, the father of the FBI, was born in 1895. Hoover hired James Wormley Jones, a WWI veteran who in 1919 became the FBI’s first African-American special agent. This was some 29 years before President Harry Truman signed Executive Order 9981, leading to desegregation of U.S. Armed Forces. Yet in 2015, a handful of FBI agents complained about a “wax-like, life-size figure of J. Edgar Hoover” positioned within the New York division’s museum. What was the reflexive decision by FBI headquarters public affairs office? Immediately remove the “offensive” statue so as not to “trigger” some fragile agent. The Washington Post characterized it thusly: “The decision to oust Hoover, who was the FBI director for 48 years and served under ten presidents, is something of a cultural moment for the bureau. Once revered among FBI agents, Hoover is no longer universally admired at the crime-fighting organization he built…Today’s agents and other employees dislike the history he represents…”

And then there’s the Obama and Holder effect. The Fox News piece goes on:

That same year, I also witnessed firsthand the FBI’s shift away from objective resource allocation and “calling things what they were” when Barack Obama’s “wing man,” Attorney General Eric Holder, compelled Comey’s FBI to resist accurate description of terror attacks by “radical Islamists” in exchange for more nebulous depictions of our efforts in “combating violent extremism.” Contrast that muted downplaying of the Muslim perpetrators of the vast majority of worldwide terror attacks with how DOJ treated the January 6th “insurrectionists” and angry parents at school board meetings — compared again to 2020 ANTIFA and BLM anarchists and rioters. The FBI has also been accused by a whistleblower of artificially-inflated domestic terrorism data as pertains to rightwing groups. Certainly, appears one-sided and partisan, no?

According to this former special agent, the American people have cause to be alarmed. The Fox News piece continues:

A majority of Americans distrust the FBI because of the appearance of partiality and bias. It is the demonstrably different manner certain investigations are conducted, dependent upon whether the target is an R or a D. Even the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) – which purports to represent active and retired agents – has taken a perceptible leftward lurch in its advocacy. The FBIAA saluted controversial and embattled immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci by presenting him its 2020 “Distinguished Service Award,” and its then-president tweeted that U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s death was a “killing” based upon deployment to Capitol on January 6, 2021. According to the medical examiner, Sicknick died of “natural causes.” Most egregiously, the FBIAA awarded $100 gift cards to FBI agents who shamefully knelt in solidarity with – or fear of – the mob of BLM protestors (and rioters) who descended upon Washington, D.C. in the wake of George Floyd’s death in the Summer of 2020. These examples prove that bias hasn’t only permeated the top of the FBI. It has also infected segments of the special agent population.

Mr. Gagliano shares much more insight in his compelling op-ed. We encourage you to read it all here.