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A recent study published in Nature showcases a groundbreaking, inhalable COVID vaccine. Administered in a single dose, it promises robust mucosal immunity and protection in multiple species, including non-human primates, and is effective against all variants, preventing transmission. This revelation has sparked intense debate about the original Big Pharma vaccine that was feverishly distributed worldwide. This new study implies that the initial vaccine was never designed to stop the virus’s spread. This raises a critical question: why on earth did governments around the world push so strongly for everyone to get vaccinated?

Here’s what author Hans Mahncke had to say about this bombshell new study:

According to these experts, the vaccine simply doesn’t work and was never intended to be effective. What a revelation.

Author Dana Parish also shared her thoughts on this stunning development:


If this study is correct, that means this vaccine was not created to stop the spread of the virus, leading many to question its true purpose.


Hopefully, in light of all the injuries and sudden, unexplained deaths, we’ve learned a crucial lesson: any new COVID vaccine must undergo extensive testing and trials over many years before public release. Furthermore, considering what the Nature study has uncovered, those responsible for the current vaccine should be held accountable for what could be considered crimes against humanity.

If you’d like to read the entire Nature piece, you can do so by clicking here.