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A strange collection of clips has been making the rounds lately. In the clips, presidential wannabe “The Rock” and sanctimonious mega-celeb Tom Hanks curiously joke around about topics including child molestation and pizza. The unearthing of these jokes inadvertently stirred up the notorious “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory again. If you’re not up to speed on the theory that exploded during the 2016 presidential election, here’s a brief rundown: It’s a conspiracy theory that emerged when the New York City Police Department was rumored to have found evidence of a pedophilia ring linked to Democratic Party members in Anthony Weiner’s emails. Supporters of this theory also believed that John Podesta’s hacked emails contained hidden messages tying prominent Democrats and restaurants, including Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria in Washington, DC, to a child sex ring. Of course, all the “experts” quickly came out and squashed the “Pizzagate” theory and labeled anybody who talked about it as a Q-kook.

But after watching clips like this one below, many folks have more questions.

These days, making even mild jokes about LGBTQ and trans people is strictly off limits, so it is a little interesting to take a gander at these old clips where they joke about such taboo subjects—it’s like glancing into a time capsule.