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You’ve probably heard the term “swatting” quite a bit lately. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s what it means to be swatted:

the action or practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address.

So, essentially, what happens is this: Some terrorists call local authorities and falsely claim you’re holding your family hostage with a gun. As a result, the SWAT team arrives at your house, guns drawn, ready to take you out.

Labeling this as just a prank is ridiculous. It’s not only costly for authorities and diverts police resources from actual emergencies, but it also carries a real risk of someone getting killed or injured because of these so-called “pranks.” This tactic of swatting has been increasingly used against influencers and politicians on the right. Podcaster Tim Pool, previously a Bernie Sanders supporter, has faced numerous swatting incidents. The well-known online personality “Catturd” has also been targeted. More recently, just before the Christmas holiday, the parents of Jack Posobiec, editor of Human Events, were swatted twice. Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has experienced this as well at least eight times now.

Here’s Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s take on the most recent swatting incident. The real shocker? The authorities have identified the individual responsible for swatting her, but as of this publication, no arrest has been made. Why not?


I was swatted this morning on Christmas Day and a few days ago – Thursday Dec 21st. we received this death threat where this man is saying I will be shot in the head and skinned to make a “parasol” making a reference to Gein, who was a psychopath killer who would make things out of his victim’s skin.

He also says he would like to smash Pres Trump’s and Brian’s heads on a curb.




They have not arrested Ben McLean yet. They simply called him on the phone and Cap Police sent us this email about what he said.

The outright absurdity of this email response and the fact that they have not arrested this guy is shocking, thankfully I’m a gun owner.

But compare it to how the FBI and DOJ treats J6’ers, Pres Trump, and their political enemies.

Why doesn’t the FBI just call J6’ers on the phone, like the man who says he wants to shoot me in the head and use my skin to make a parasol, and just ask them about what they said on January 6, 2021 instead of hunting them down and locking them up doing the bidding of the DOJ who continues to issue arrest warrants almost everyday for people who said the 2020 election was stolen.

Incredible double standard.

Also, if you read McLean’s messages he says he knows the FBI, names an agent, says he likes them, and says the FBI is recruiting him.

Is the FBI recruiting a man who is threatening to kill a member of congress and crush the skull of President Trump?


And after today, I have been swatted 8 times but the FBI can’t seem to figure out who is responsible for the swatting and says the law doesn’t allow them to track them down.

The FBI can do so many things, has even abused FISA to spy on hundreds of thousands of Americans, but can not figure out who wants me killed by a hail of bullets fired by a SWAT team responding to murder suicide calls supposedly coming from me.

Thankfully my local police are far too smart, know me well, and know exactly what these swatting calls are.

I know there are good FBI agents that are completely sick and tired of the Biden administration they work under.

Swatting is extremely dangerous and people have been killed as a result from swatting calls.

It’s also a waste of police time and resources and harassment.

I will be introducing legislation to track down swatters.

Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes for me and my family.

I will never stop fighting for what is right and I will always put America first!

No matter what or who attacks me.

Merry Christmas!!
Christ is KING!!!

Jack’s parents were the victims of swatting twice, with one incident occurring on Christmas. This was their initial experience with swatting, and it’s clear the perpetrators went to extreme lengths to make the situation sound as dangerous and potentially fatal as possible. It seems as if their intent was to cause a death in Jack’s family:

After Jack’s innocent family was unjustly targeted in the two swatting incidents, he immediately advocated for stringent laws to deter left-wing domestic terrorists from targeting individuals solely based on differing political views.

Jack wasn’t the only one on the right to demand harsh laws for these left-wing jihadists.


And what’s the FBI doing about all of this? Well they don’t seem very concerned at all. They’re too busy locking up non-violent grandparents who walked around the Capitol with a guided police tour.

It’s evident that swatting has evolved into a political weapon employed by the left against the right, aiming to endanger the lives of notable right-wing figures. There’s a dire need for extreme laws to address this serious crime. We must send a clear message to all domestic terrorists that such potentially lethal political warfare is unacceptable in the USA. It’s a situation where the risk of a conservative getting hurt or killed is not just a possibility but a likely outcome if something isn’t done about it.