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Many Americans sense something brewing as we approach another national election. Remember the last time we had one? A so-called deadly “pandemic” emerged just in time to take out President Trump’s booming economy. It caused widespread chaos and led to a flood of sketchy mail-in ballots, which, ironically, seemed to favor the left. Now, with Trump back on the ballot, we’re bracing for the possibility of another significant event that will rock the world.

CBS reporter Catherine Herridge has the same feeling and shared a chilling and foreboding prediction of a “Black Swan” event in 2024. Wondering what that means? It’s a national security event of immense impact that’s totally unpredictable.

Catherine isn’t the only one talking about a looming “national security” event. Tucker Carlson is convinced the Deep State might resort to assassinating President Trump in a desperate attempt to keep him out of the White House.

The Vigilant Fox:

.@TuckerCarlsonIssues Major Warning on What the Establishment Has in Store for Trump

“If you want to know what things are going to look like in the future, just chart out what has been happening recently and ask yourself, are things accelerating or decelerating? … just chart it out. And in the case of Trump, they started with protests, they moved to impeachment. Now they’re at indictment. None of it has worked. What’s next? What could possibly be next?” he asked.

That next step appears to be taking Trump off the ballot altogether. But Tucker suggested something much more sinister is looming.

“If you felt, and you really believed — and a lot of them do — that the worst thing that could happen to the country, and, more specifically, to you, in the professional class, is to have Donald Trump as president. And everything you have tried has failed. And they have been accelerating steps: protests, impeachment, indictment. How many more arrows do you have in your quiver? And what’s the next one? And, of course, it’s assassination.”

Sure, “Black Swan” events are known for their inherent unpredictability. Some say if an event can be predicted, it doesn’t qualify as a true “Black Swan.” While this might have been the case in the past, our increasingly paranoid Deep State now finds itself backed into a corner. As a result, they’re not able to unleash the typical “unpredictable” events on us as they once did.

What’s your take? Do you believe there’s a major national security event looming that could coincide with the 2024 election?