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Joe Biden’s invasion at the US border is wreaking havoc all over the nation. Back in the old days, cities like New York and Chicago didn’t have to deal with a surge of illegal immigration; it was mainly the red-state border towns that had to manage the issue. However, now that red-state governors have started sending illegal immigrants to these “sanctuary cities,” they’ve gotten a taste of what it’s really like, and they can’t handle it. Things are so dire in Chicago that the new mayor says the city’s services are literally on the brink of collapse, all thanks to Joe Biden’s illegal immigration policies.

They’re now turning away busloads of migrants. Not exactly the nicest thing for a sanctuary city to do, right?

Chicago Tribune:

Busloads of migrants were brought in the past week to Rosemont and Cicero, officials said, but were turned away.

Several buses from El Paso, Texas, arrived in the past week at the Metra stations in Cicero and in Rosemont near O’Hare International Airport’s remote parking.

Police in Rosemont allowed migrants to get off the buses if they had someone picking them up, but threatened to impound the bus and arrest the driver for endangering the passengers if he let them out, Mayor Brad Stephens said. The Village Board planned to consider an ordinance Monday to back up such measures.

Cicero approved a measure to fine bus companies $750 per person for letting out homeless migrants, spokesman Ray Hanania said.

“It’s wrong to drop people on the street with nowhere to go,” Hanania said. “We think every community should do this to prevent this. They need to force the state to come up with a better plan for homeless people.”

Now it’s suddenly wrong to drop off people with nowhere to go in Illinois? But in a red state, it’s perfectly okay? Is that how they think this works?

Not anymore…

Chicagoland ain’t seen nothing yet. They better brace for impact because the biggest horde of illegals is making its way to the US as we speak.

Needless to say, the black community is furious, pointing fingers at the mayor and governor for putting illegals over American citizens.

They’re not the only folks from the black community who are angry. The Illinois NAACP President, Teresa Haley, was just suspended for going on a tirade about the immigration crisis:

Will this anti-American travesty finally be enough to make these staunch Democrats reconsider their terrible voting choices in the future? Well, that’s a question that remains up in the air. We’ll find out in the next election.