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It is with heavy hearts that we report a devastating Christmas massacre in Nigeria, where, as of now, over 140 Christians have been brutally killed in Plateau. These horrifying attacks on 20 Christian communities have left over 140 dead, and the death toll is still climbing. Jihadist forces carried out night raids, setting homes ablaze with people inside, causing the destruction of hundreds of homes and over 300 injuries.

To make matters even worse, sources on the ground report a concerning 12-hour delay in the authorities’ response.

Unfortunately, such anti-Christian violence is normal in that region. Over the past two decades, Jihadists in Nigeria have slaughtered approximately 62,000 Christians and displaced a jaw-dropping 5 million.


At least 160 people have been killed by armed gangs of bandits in central Nigeria, according to local officials and human rights groups, the worst outbreak of violence this year in a region where ethno-religious tensions have simmered for decades.

The attacks, which began on Saturday and continued into Christmas Day, targeted some 20 villages across the Bokkos and Barkin Ladi areas of Plateau state.

Monday Kassah, Bokkos acting local government chair, told reporters that 113 bodies had been recovered by Christmas Day, with rescue operations still ongoing. “The attacks were well-co-ordinated. Not fewer than 20 different communities were attacked by the bandits,” he said.

Dickson Chollom, a member of the state parliament, told the AFP news agency that “at least 50 people were killed” in attacks on four villages in Barkin Ladi.

Human rights group Amnesty International’s Nigeria office said the death toll had risen to more than 140, “as more dead bodies of those who tried to escape the attacks are found by search teams”.

Locals are calling this “Black Christmas.” Sadly, it should be called “Red Christmas” because of all the senseless blood that’s been spilled.

These innocent people have faced utter devastation simply because they believe in Jesus Christ. You’d expect mass outrage globally, but our propaganda media, which appears to be very anti-Christian, is likely to give this tragedy the bare minimum coverage, if any at all.

Here’s a closeup of the images:

Pray for these Christians and all who are being senselessly targeted with violence, death, harassment, and injustice all over the world, including in the United States.