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What’s the Deep State’s next move to remove President Trump from the picture? Well, Plan A appears to involve multiple attempts to imprison him, but it’s becoming increasingly evident that this strategy is backfiring, actually boosting President Trump’s popularity. So, what’s Plan B?

As for Joe Biden, the Democrats are facing a massive conundrum: how do they dispose of him? The polls clearly show that they can’t head into the official 2024 general election with the burden of this unpopular figure hanging around their necks like a bag of manure, right?

As of now, Biden’s reported approval rating stands at 37 percent, which may seem surprisingly high given his dismal performance. So, what’s the Deep State’s game plan for addressing these two massive political problems? Well, during a recent appearance on Tucker’s show, Alex Jones expressed concerns that he knows what the Deep State has in mind for both President Trump and Biden: assassination.

Tucker has also expressed concern about the possibility of the Deep State orchestrating an assassination of President Trump. Sadly, it appears to be their only remaining option. They’ve previously attempted to use a pandemic and sham imprisonment to eliminate Trump, so what else is left? World War III or an assassination attempt loom as the most ominous possibilities. This situation is far from a laughing matter; it’s profoundly serious and unsettling. Unfortunately, it reflects the alarming level of corruption and rot that has infiltrated our government.