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Sadly, today’s teachers are groomers. They’re in the classroom to do one thing: teach children the progressive way of life. Reading, writing, and arithmetic have taken a backseat to politics, but this isn’t a new problem. It’s actually been going on for well over 30 years now. As a matter of fact, one teacher named Ezola Foster was sounding alarms back in the ’80s, pointing out all the Marxist tricks that liberals were using to influence our kids’ minds. If only we had listened to Ezola back then, we could have saved ourselves a lot of confusion and heartache. But her words still matter today, so listen to every last one of them.

Here’s what popular X account “End Wokeness” had to say about Ezola on X:

This is Ezola Foster.

She was born in Louisiana in 1938 and was a public school teacher for 33 years.

In the 1980s & ’90s she began sounding the alarm about troubling trends in our schools:

-Anti-White racism
-LGBTQ+ indoctrination
-Anti-American revisionism
-The risks of multiculturalism
-Affirmative action and diversity

This video is a must watch. I recommend watching the entire thing.


When you look back at video clips like this, you begin to see that a significant portion of the issues we’re dealing with today were embedded in our institutions decades ago. The problem is, conservatives often overlook the warning signs, allowing these twisted ideas plenty of time to take root and become ingrained in the fabric of our nation. By the time we do recognize them, it’s often too late.