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Less than three weeks ago, Argentina elected a populist to run their country. In just 18 days, President Javier Milei has secured so many victories that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. One of his biggest and probably most important moves was purging thousands of Deep State operatives, something President Trump must address on day one of his new term.

The X account End Wokeness has a rundown at some of what he’s accomplished in a short span of time.

End Wokeness:

18 days ago, President Javier Milei was inaugurated in Argentina. Since then:

-Eliminated 12 out of 21 cabinet posts
-Firing 5,000 government employees
-Ending 380k government regulations
-Banned woke language in the military
-Bill to affirm the right to self-defense
-Bill to legalize homeschooling of kids
-Proposal to punish all riot organizers
-Future welfare cuts for road-blocking
-Legalized paying contracts in bitcoin
-Privatization of state-run companies
-Opened up the Argentina oil industry

But that’s not all; Milei’s control of the northern border has wreaked havoc on the entire vulnerable Bolivian economy.

Here’s what’s going on:


Bolivia’s economy is collapsing because Milei ordered control of the border

They literally lived as a parasite on us


President Milei closed smuggling to Bolivia 🇧🇴 and now its fart economy is about to collapse. The least parasitic borderline 😂

In other words, the entire Bolivian economy was based on smuggling subsidized goods from Argentina, and now the whole scam is collapsing.

What makes this so amusing is that liberals like to use Bolivia as a perfect example of the progressive agenda working wonders and producing positive outcomes. Instead, it has just become a perfect example of how everything they do fails.

In addition, Milei is also advocating for a type of “Second Amendment” in Argentina, something they currently don’t have.

This move also comes on the heels of Milei banning the use of woke pronouns from government text and removing welfare benefits from anyone participating in street protests that block traffic.

Argentina’s President Javier Milei has ANOTHER major victory today.

He has proposed a law that affirms a right to self-defense in Argentina, which they do not currently have.

This will be applies in cases where someone tries to cause bodily harm to you or where they try to invade your property.

It also affirms that if the person trying to attack you dies, their relatives cannot sue you after the fact for defending yourself.

This is another MAJOR Milei victory in the same week where he has banned woke pronoun usage from government text, enacted reforms that will remove welfare benefits from anyone protesting in the streets blocking traffic and ban the usage of the word “free” to promote taxpayer-funded government programs.

Well, if America were to collapse, there might be a lot of conservatives considering moving to Argentina. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and we re-elect President Trump, who will be laser-focused on taking out his enemies and returning the US to the people, where it belongs.