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The only reason this Ukraine war has dragged on is because Western leaders like Joe Biden appear to want it that way. There were plenty of opportunities for peace talks, but peace was never seriously considered. Why? Many argue that the absence of peace as an option was due to the influx of billions of dollars into one of the world’s most corrupt countries, with no transparency. In truth, nobody can account for what happened to all that money, and many suspect it was intentional. One person who has been consistently highlighting this issue is Hungary’s PM, Viktor Orbán. He hasn’t held back in addressing the shameful situation in Ukraine, and he’s been right all along, and now as Zelensky faces the truth that most of us knew all along—he can’t win—Viktor Orbán’s words have even more impact.

The Federalist editor Sean Davis said it best:


Here’s what Orbán recently said regarding the ongoing situation in Ukraine as the clock ticks down on Zelensky’s aspirations for victory:

Sean Davis concludes by saying:

Brilliantly said, and sadly, very true.