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Chances are you’ve never come across Nancy Pelosi’s rather mysterious niece. However, she wields significant influence within the left-wing climate agenda realm, and as a matter of fact, she controls billions of US tax dollars, works for HUD, and is also connected to a couple very prominent real estate law firms.

In contrast to her obnoxious Aunt Nancy, Alexis keeps a very low profile. What we do know is that she relocated to DC from San Francisco. During her time in the City by the Bay, she established the Pelosi Law Group, a self-described “boutique” firm, now known as The Peter Ziblatt Law Group. So, what’s their specialty? Conveniently, they specialize in representing commercial and residential developers in real estate transactions and land use regulation. You can’t help but wonder if Alexis’s position at HUD helps her firm in some way.

Alexis not only holds power and influence over billions, but she’s also a key player in the left’s “green reset” plot.

E&E News:

Alexis Pelosi, 52, is virtually unknown in a city where her last name can elicit strong feelings. Yet she holds sway over programs that steer billions of dollars toward making buildings and homes more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

She declined to be interviewed, but in a written response to emailed questions she said her directive under the Biden administration is to help promote Fudge’s vision that “HUD be a part of the solution” to climate change, adding, “I am honored to be in a position to advance this important work.”


Her current office is in the imposing Robert C. Weaver Federal Building on L’Enfant Plaza, where she has become part of HUD’s supersized bureaucracy and mission to ensure all Americans have access to safe, affordable housing amid rising threats from climate change.

Pelosi’s niece is far from being a wallflower by any stretch of the imagination. She’s deeply involved in all things related to The Swamp; it must run in the family.

Among other things, she is charged with executing multibillion-dollar programs drawn up in HUD’s 2021 climate action plan, which has received big cash infusions from the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

 What appears clear — based on interviews, public records and social media — is that Alexis Pelosi works within the  technocratic confines of government rather than at the tip of the political spear, where her in-law remains both revered and reviled.

Nancy Pelosi said in a statement that the nation and Fudge “are well-served by Alexis Pelosi’s leadership, knowledge and relentless commitment to climate resilience.”

The family tree branch that connects Nancy and Alexis originates from Alexis’ husband, Laurence Pelosi, whose father is the older brother of Paul Pelosi. And once more, the “real estate” connection emerges. It’s likely that Alexis’s influence and position have been advantageous to her husband’s firm as well.

Alexis goes to great effort to stay out of the public eye. The E&E News article goes on:

In Washington, Pelosi has remained mostly out of the headlines, including from HUD’s own news releases touting its climate efforts.

Last month, when HUD awarded its first grants under its $800 million “Green and Resilient Retrofit Program” — a major part of Pelosi’s portfolio — she stayed out of the limelight and instead posted a congratulatory message to HUD staff on her LinkedIn account.

Clearly, this is one big club where everybody knows each other, and we’re not on the guest list. This setup reeks of more backroom corruption, nepotism, and shady DC dealings—something that most of our lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are likely quite familiar with. However, it’s safe to say that the Pelosi family, much like the Bidens and the Clintons, has a real knack for dirty deeds.