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There are a slew of reasons why Trump is leading the GOP pack with such a commanding lead. Mostly, it’s because the majority of conservatives believe that President Trump was, quite literally, robbed of his victory in 2020 and that he deserves a second term. Also, he remains the sole “outsider” in the game, and given the establishment’s frantic response to the idea of Trump’s return, it only makes sense for everyone to support him and challenge the uni-party regime.

Trump’s lead is powerful; no one can catch up to him at this point.

Another reason for Trump’s front-runner status is his robust grassroots movement—ordinary people who use their skills, talent, and creativity to craft some of the most compelling Trump ads you’ll ever see. This type of PR is invaluable; you can’t buy it because it comes straight from the heart. It’s something no other candidate possesses because the rest of the GOP contenders are being propped up by the establishment and deep-pocketed donors, not by the people.

That’s precisely why ads like the one below resonate so strongly with right-wing voters who share an emotional connection with Trump and his movement.

This one’s a showstopper.

There’s no denying that President Trump truly represents the people. That’s precisely why ads like this one exist and why many in the establishment work so hard to suppress him. Their priority isn’t our representation; their donors come first on their America Last agenda.