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As you’ve probably heard, in a surprising development, two defense attorneys abruptly resigned from the Georgia ballot case. The case surrounds the accusation that thousands of GA ballots were actually counterfeit.

So, why did the two defense attorneys jump ship like that? An IT expert named Kevin Kelton suggests that the county might be gearing up to admit they’ve destroyed the ballots in question. If true, this puts Fulton County in a heap of legal trouble. Destroying evidence during a case often signals guilt. But there’s more at stake here—are we witnessing a coverup?

Investigative journalist Rogan O’Handley shared his insights on what’s truly happening in a post on X:

Did you know there is an ongoing court case in Fulton County, Georgia (where Atlanta is) since 2021 whose only aim is to inspect 150,000+ mail-in ballots alleged to be fraudulent (no creases from being sent in the mail, perfect black circles, etc)

The judge dismissed it but the appeals court allowed the case to go forward

The judge has illegally delayed proceedings since then

Now we find out defense attorneys for GA have resigned and there is speculation these ballots may have illegally been destroyed

Want to know why nobody believes in our elections anymore?

Because of this Banana Republic degeneracy occurring in Georgia and other states

If the ballots are legitimate, what is there to hide?

We all know what’s going on here

Justice delayed is justice denied!

The phrase “Justice delayed is justice denied” aptly describes the current situation. Many believe that the defense attorneys have foreseen this unraveling and want no part of it. Hence, they walked away. Now, the question is: Has the judge intentionally delayed the trial to give the other side time for damage control or to devise a ‘Plan B, C, or D’? This sketchy, peculiar behavior is precisely why the majority of Americans have lost trust in our government and our election process.