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Kim Gardner, the Soros-backed DA, was at the heart of the controversial story involving the McCloskeys, who stood their ground against a mob of violent and threatening BLM rioters at their home. Instead of addressing the mob, which threatened harm to them and their pets, Gardner targeted the McCloskeys for brandishing firearms in self-defense. This action is indicative of her approach as a Marxist Soros-backed DA, prioritizing political targets over actual criminals.

Gardner’s erratic and unjust actions created a stir and captured public attention. Consequently, a special counsel was appointed in May to investigate the chaotic disaster Gardner created and perpetuated within the DA’s office.

Ultimately, these actions triggered a movement to oust Gardner from office. However, before this could fully unfold, Gardner hit the ‘eject button’ and resigned. Now, a revealing new report sheds light on exactly why Gardner fled as the situation tightened around her.

Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who spearheaded the effort against Ms. Gardner, is also credited with unveiling this bombshell report.

“Here’s a glimpse into the unjust chaos that Kim Gardner instigated within the St. Louis DA’s office.


25,000 cases dismissed.

2,735 cases dismissed by judges for failure to prosecute.

$351,500 in taxpayer money paid to an unlicensed attorney providing legal advice.

Countless violations of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

A resignation just hours before a judge was to order potentially damaging records be turned over and a deposition be scheduled.

All are among the findings in a 62-page report Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey released to the I-Team Monday. It summarizes what his office found within the tens of thousands of documents, interviews with almost 40 witnesses and investigation into St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and her administration.

It was all part of a lawsuit he filed earlier this year to remove her from office.

“It was important for us to publish the Gardner Report to put into the public domain what went wrong here, how it happened, and what systems need to be put in place to prevent it from ever happening in the future,” Bailey said. “The public is entitled to know the mistakes that she made, and she tried to deprive the public of access to that information by resigning before the court could order disclosure of several of those records.”

In his report, Bailey calls on the legislature to beef up the quo warranto process as it’s known, put “teeth” behind the law that states public officials must devote all of their time to the duties of their office and amend the Victims’ Rights Act.

The report also shines new light on the abrupt timing of Gardner’s resignation in May, showing a judge was about to rule on whether Bailey could schedule Gardner for a deposition as well as get records from Saint Louis University showing how often Gardner was taking nursing classes there instead of fulfilling her duties as the city’s top prosecutor.

“It’s proof positive that there’s a lot of smoke there for there not to be any fire,” Bailey said.

But do any of the findings mean Gardner will be held accountable for her actions?

Will Kim face justice for her actions and betrayal of the people of St. Louis? Hopefully, but that remains uncertain. In a just world, Ms. Gardner would be stripped of her license and barred from practicing law again. However, only time will tell if that will be her fate.