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It’s often said that God works in mysterious ways, and the righteous ultimately prevail. This sentiment might just have played out in the World Series’ final game, where the Texas Rangers claimed victory. This win marks their first World Series title in 52 years. But there’s an interesting twist to their triumph: the Rangers were the only team in the MLB to resist hosting a “Pride Night.”

It looks like God rewarded them for it, too.

The Rangers took a lot of heat for this, but they stuck to their guns and didn’t bow to the radical LGBTQ+ mob.

Sports Illustrated:

The chances of the Texas Rangers reversing course on the organizational decision to ever host a Pride Night in June appear slim at best.

The Rangers remain the only MLB team and Dallas-Fort Worth pro franchise not to host a Pride Night or recognize the LGBTQ+ community. That’s not changing anytime soon, according to the report from The Athletic.

Several players expressed dismay over the owners’ decision, but the move resonated positively with a large section of the fan base. Many fans are growing weary of the relentless effort to promote the LGBTQ+ lifestyle, particularly when it involves young children. The Sports Illustrated article continues:

Several current and former employees of the Rangers contacted by The Athletic are dismayed by the stance, which they feel is dictated by ownership. Dallas-based billionaire businessman Ray Davis is the team’s majority owner.

“I grew up here, I’m a diehard Rangers fan,” a current Rangers employee said. “When I started working here, it was a dream job. But it’s pretty [expletive] that it’s an organization over the last few years that has done or said things, or not done or said things, that not only do I not agree with or not reflect who I want to be as a person, but it’s bordering on being disgusting.”

MLB does not legislate whether its 30 teams have to host a Pride Night or support the LGBTQ+ community in other manners. Unlike many teams across pro sports, including the Dallas Cowboys, the Rangers do not sell any Pride merchandise in their team store. The Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Dallas Wings and FC Dallas are among the local teams that celebrate Pride Nights and/or LGBTQ+ causes.

The Rangers did provide the following statement to The Athletic, along with other news outlets:

“Our commitment is to make everyone feel welcome and included in Rangers baseball. That means in our ballpark, at every game, and in all we do – for both our fans and our employees. We deliver on that promise across our many programs to have a positive impact across our entire community.”

We absolutely agree that baseball is a sport for everyone. So, the question is: why are we singling out and celebrating one specific group constantly? Baseball is an American pastime meant for all to enjoy. Let’s keep the focus on the game and leave personal lifestyles and sexual activity out of the ballpark.